Stardew’s Best Fishing Spot: A Comprehensive Guide

Hello, friends! In the past, we’ve discussed the best spots to fish for rare catches, but many people still seem to be uncertain about the correct locations. So, in this tutorial, we’ll correct that once again.

The Beach: A Prime Fishing Spot

The best fishing spot at the beach is on the left side of the map, where you can cast into deep water right from level zero. This spot is ideal for catching rare fish, but it’s not commonly used because fishing levels up quickly, and there’s no need to travel to this specific location. Another great spot is on the pier, where you can cast into deep water at level one. After acquiring a fishing rod, you can fish on the right side or with increased power on the left side.

Please note that casting downward from your doorstep is not effective for reaching deep water. You’ll need to reach level four before attempting this technique. Many people mistakenly travel to the large rock on the left side, which is unnecessary as the same result can be achieved on the right side.

Deep water has nothing to do with the color of the water; it’s solely based on the distance from the shore. The beach area can also be accessed at level one, allowing you to cast into deep water.

In summer, you can choose this spot for fishing.

The Mine Lake: Fishing for Magma Sparkers

The best fishing locations in the mine lake are near the fences and on the first tile of the wooden bridge. You can cast into deep water at level one. Once you reach level four, you can fish near the entrance to the mine’s eastern lake, avoiding the center. Many people mistakenly fish in the middle of the lake, which is incorrect.

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The Town’s River: Fishing Near Sam’s House

Fishing directly in front of Sam’s house is a big mistake in the early game. You’ll need to reach level eight before you can cast into deep water. The correct spot is between the two clearings on the left side.

If you’re at level three, it’s best to fish in the village pond. Another option is the protruding area on the right side, which can be used, but once you reach level 8, you’ll need to travel to the left side to cast into deep water.

If you’re still unsure about the mechanics, you can refer to our previous fishing tutorials. That’s it for this tutorial, and we’ll see you in the next one!

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