Statue of Treasure Unveiled: Stardew Valley’s Secret Revealed

There are many secrets that can be unlocked in Stardew Valley. These secrets are located in different places within the valley. One of them is a statue. There are different secret statues in Stardew Valley and they have different benefits. The Wumbus Statue, Statue of True Perfection, Statue with Gems, and Statue of Treasure are some of the secret statues in this game. Each statue has what it is used for. While some allow you to teleport to a new location like Statue with Gem, Statue of Perfection provides you with a gift every day. However, we will focus on the Statue of Treasure, its location, how to obtain it, its function, and its benefits.

Preview of the Statue of Treasure

Stardew Valley Expanded Statue of Treasure is an expensive secret statue that produces an item each day. The Statue of Treasure replaces an item that is not collected every day. This piece of furniture can be bought in the Casino for 1,000,000g from an NPC. It has no limit, so you can buy as many as you want. This secret statue can also produce Iridium Bar, Gold Bar, Diamond, and Omni Geode when on any day no villager in the valley has a birthday.

Statue of Treasure in Stardew Valley Expanded
The Statue of Treasure is an expensive secret statue that produces an item each day.

Statue of Treasure: Location and Function

You can locate the Stardew Valley Expanded Statue of Treasure at the Casino in the Calico Desert. This desert is situated northwest of Pelican Town. To get to this Calico Desert, pass through the back door of the Oasis.
The Statue of Treasure has different benefits. Some of the benefits are:

  • It is one of the easiest ways of obtaining an Iridium Bar.
  • One can get birthday gifts easier with it.
  • It produces an item every day for the players to enjoy.
  • The Statue of Treasure also gives other good stuff like diamonds, Gold Bars, and Omini Geode.
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How To Get The Statue of Treasure

To obtain the Stardew Valley Expanded Statue of Treasure, you must get the following before following the steps to be discussed later:

  • Battery pack. (You can get a battery pack by completing the 10,000 gold bundle in the community center or by purchasing it from the traveling merchants who visit on Fridays and Sundays. You can also craft a lightning rod using one iron bar)
  • Rainbow shell (To get the rainbow shell, go to the beach in summer)
  • 10 Beets (To get beet seeds, go to the desert and talk to Sandy, who will sell you some rare seeds that can only be planted in the fall)
  • Solar Essence (Krobus will sell one in the sewer)

To obtain the Statue of Treasure after getting these aforementioned items, you must complete a quest which is known as the “Mysterious Qi”. The steps in completing this quest for obtaining the Statue of Treasure are:

  1. Go to the bus stop after getting the battery pack and place the battery pack inside a box in the bus stop tunnel. This is where the quest (Mysterious Qi) that you have to complete begins. You will get a note from Mr. Qi directing you to place your obtained rainbow shell in the box beside the train platform, north of Stardew valley.
  2. The next quest after doing this is to deliver the 10 beets you have obtained to the fridge of Mayor Lewis. You will be instructed to give the sand dragon his last meal after this step.
  3. At this step, take the solar essence you have to the desert and put it in the skull of the skeleton of Sandy’s shop.
  4. The quest is almost complete when you feed the dragon. Go ahead and interact with the lumber attached to your house. You will see a Club Card which allows you to meet Mr. Qi at the Casino. Go to the Calico Desert and talk with the bouncer to give you access to Sandy’s shop.
  5. Meet the man standing close to a potted plant in the Casino and buy the Statue of Treasure.
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Calico Desert in Stardew Valley Expanded
The Statue of Treasure can be found in the Calico Desert, which is located northwest of Pelican Town.

Tips and strategies for making the process easier

One of the tips or strategies for getting the Statue of Treasure easier is earning enough money. You will need a whole lot of money to buy it. So, earn as much as possible while farming and doing other activities. Knowing the location of the Casino and how to access it easily will make the process easier. So, once you complete the steps above, you can easily visit the Casino, meet the man standing close to a potted plant above the Casino, and buy the Statue of Treasure.

Other Secret Statues in the Game

As earlier stated, there are different secret statues located at different locations in Stardew Valley Expanded. They include:


This statue has great benefits like making your farm or home look unique and a wonder to behold. You can obtain it by placing a Super Cucumber inside the brown box in the Blacksmith’s shop. There is a need for you to have a special spot for this statue before obtaining it as it can’t be sold.

  • Pinky Lemon

This is another strange secret statue in Stardew Valley that decorates your farm and home. You can locate this statue at the Stardrop Saloon. To obtain it, put Duck Mayonnaise in the purple box you will find at the salon to unlock this statue.

Benefits of Secret Statues

From the article, there are different benefits of secret statutes. Some of them include:

  • Decorating your farm and house with the pinky lemon and HMTFG statues.
  • Statue of gems allows you to fast travel to another location.
  • You can get different birthday gifts and daily items from the Statue of Treasure which makes your adventures easier and more enjoyable.
  • These secret statues improve your gameplay. For example, when you need to teleport to another location without walking or going with a horse, you make use of the Statue of Gem. This will save you time and give you more opportunities to farm, mine, and catch fish which increases your profit.
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There are different secret statues located at different locations in Stardew Valley Expanded. One such statue is the Statue of Treasure. To obtain this statue, you need to get some items and meet certain requirements as explained in the article. Statue of Treasure just like other secret statues of this game has lots of benefits that will help you increase profit and your gameplay adventure.

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