Tempered Galaxy Sword: Unleash Power in Stardew Valley Expanded

Stardew Valley goes beyond mere farming as it involves different aspects. You can get married, have children, do mining, craft items, and fight with other creatures in this game. The mines and other locales of this game are dangerous so it is important you have a good weapon as you explore. There are different weapons in Stardew Valley that come in different shapes and sizes such as Infinity Blade, and Master Slingshot. In the Stardew Valley Expanded, Tempered Galaxy Sword is one of the most powerful and well-rounded weapons in Stardew Valley that every player needs to have, know how to get, and use effectively.

Features of the Tempered Galaxy Sword

Image of the Tempered Galaxy Sword
The Tempered Galaxy Sword is one of the most powerful and well-rounded weapons in Stardew Valley.

Some of the features of this powerful weapon include:

  • Damage output: Tempered Galaxy Sword has a damage output of 80 – 120. This makes it one of the heavy-hitter weapons of the game.
  • Attack speed: In addition to the damage out, this weapon has a +2 Speed Stat. With this feature, you can use it very quickly regardless of weight.
  • Critical hit rate: The critical hit rate or chance of this weapon is +7. This makes it last longer especially when you are facing your enemies.
  • Special abilities: One of the special abilities of this weapon that you should be aware of is its defense. It has a +15 defense which gives you more defense as you battle with other creatures. It unlocks staples like Galaxy Dagger and Galaxy hammer when found.

Benefits of the Tempered Galaxy Sword

The Tempered Galaxy Sword has lots of benefits. They include:

  • Improved combat performance: With features like attacking speed, defense, and damage output, this sword will improve your combat performance against any creature. As you attack efficiently, you can equally defend yourself against your opponents effectively.
  • Increased efficiency in farming and mining: As earlier stated, the mines in Stardew Valley Expanded are dangerous. So, you need a weapon that will increase your efficiency. This is what you get with the Tempered Galaxy Sword. It increases your efficiency not only in mining but in farming.
  • Reduced energy consumption: As a quick weapon to use, you will conserve your energy while making use of the Tempered Galaxy Sword.
  • Increased durability: With a critical hit rate of +7, this weapon has an increased durability rate. It lasts long as you mine, farm, and engage in battle against other creatures.

Comparison with other weapons

Galaxy Blade and Infinity Blade are other powerful weapons in Stardew Valley Expanded. From this comparison, you will know the difference between them and why you need them.

Tempered Galaxy Sword vs Infinity Blade vs  Galaxy Blade

Weapon Name Type Level Source Damage Critical Strike Chance Stats Purchase Price Sell Price
Galaxy Sword Sword 13 Three Pillars in the Calico Desert, Adventurer’s Guild 60–80 2% Speed (+4) 50,000g 650g
Infinity Blade Sword 39 Forge in Volcano Dungeon 140–160 20% Speed (+4), N/A 1950g
Tempered Galaxy Sword Sword 34 Isaac’s shop 80–120 15% Speed (+2), Defense (+15), 600,000g 1700g

Comparing Tempered Galaxy Sword, Infinity Blade, and Galaxy Sword
Comparison of Tempered Galaxy Sword, Infinity Blade, and Galaxy Sword.

How To Get The Tempered Galaxy Sword

To obtain the Tempered Galaxy Sword, you need to have entered the Crimson Badlands and have 600,000g. You can then purchase it from Isaac, who is present in the Adventurer’s Guild on the 4th, 5th, 11th, 26th, and 27th of every month. Alternatively, you can find Isaac’s shop open at the Castle Village Outpost on the 1st, 8th, 12th, 19th, and 24th(at the bottom of the tower).

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Image of Isaac's shop
Isaac’s shop is where you can purchase the Tempered Galaxy Sword.

Utilizing the Tempered Galaxy Sword in the game

The best situation in using the Tempered Galaxy Sword is when you are taking on corrupted serpents, Apophis, corrupted mummies, and other Crimson Badlands because of its features – defense stats. Without it, you will be defeated easily.

Tips for effective combat techniques

For effective combat techniques, these tips below can help you in Stardew Valley:

  • Obtain the powerful weapon – Tempered Galaxy Sword.
  • Clear your areas very fast to identify attacking creatures.
  • Know your enemies.
  • As you fight, block their advances with your sword. This is where the critical hit rate comes into play and thankfully, Galaxy Sword has a +7 critical hit rate.


The features of the Tempered Galaxy Sword as seen in this article are eye-catching. The damage output and attacking gives you an edge over your opponents. With it, you can explore this game with ease. Tempered Galaxy Sword increases your combat performance and farming and mining experience. Once you obtain or buy this weapon, navigating your farm and dangerous mines will be easy.

Final thoughts and recommendations

The Tempered Galaxy Sword is one of the weapons you should get while playing the Stardew Valley game. I strongly recommend this weapon because of its great features. It will help you to farm, mine, and fight against creatures. So, get it at all costs and enjoy the adventure.

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