The Complete Guide to Achievements in Stardew Valley

Hello, fellow gamers! Many of you set the goal of unlocking all achievements when playing games, such as obtaining Platinum on the PS4. This tutorial will provide a simple introduction to all achievements in Stardew Valley.

Money-related Achievements

There are five money-related achievements:

  • Greenhorn (earn 15,000g)
  • Cowpoke (earn 50,000g)
  • Homesteader (earn 250,000g)
  • Millionaire (earn 1,000,000g)
  • Tycoon (earn 10,000,000g)

These amounts represent total earnings, not cash on hand.

Museum Achievements

For the Treasure Trove achievement, donate 40 different items to the museum. To unlock the A Complete Collection achievement, donate all items to the museum.

Relationship Achievements

There are six friendship-related achievements:

  • A New Friend (reach 5 hearts with one person)
  • Best Friends (reach 10 hearts with one person)
  • Beloved Farmer (reach 10 hearts with 8 people)
  • Cliques (reach 5 hearts with 4 people)
  • Networking (reach 5 hearts with 10 people)
  • Popular (reach 5 hearts with 20 people)

Gift-giving not only helps unlock achievements but also unlocks recipes and crafting blueprints. Never neglect your relationships!

Home-related Achievements

There are three home-related achievements:

  • Moving Up (upgrade your house once, unlocking cooking and marriage)
  • Living Large (upgrade your house twice, allowing for children)
  • Full House (get married and have two children)

Crafting Achievements

There are three crafting achievements:

  • DIY (craft 15 different items)
  • Artisan (craft 30 different items)
  • Craft Master (craft every item)

Note that you cannot craft the Wedding Ring without a multiplayer game, and you will not have its recipe.

Fishing Achievements

There are four fishing achievements:

  • Fisherman (catch 10 different fish)
  • Old Mariner (catch 24 different fish)
  • Master Angler (catch every type of fish)
  • Mother Catch (catch 100 fish)
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Quest Achievements

Complete requests on the Help Wanted board outside Pierre’s shop. Gofer (complete 10 quests) and A Big Help (complete 40 quests) are the related achievements.

Crop Achievements

There are three crop-related achievements:

  • Polyculture (ship 15 of each crop)
  • Monoculture (ship 300 of one crop)
  • Full Shipment (ship every item)

Keep in mind that the term “crop” refers only to vegetables and fruits sold by Pierre and Sandy, totaling 28 types. This does not include fruit trees, flowers, ancient fruits, gem berries, or coffee.

Skill Achievements

Unlock Singular Talent (reach level 10 in one skill) and Master Of The Five Ways (reach level 10 in all five skills).

Miscellaneous Achievements

Other achievements include:

  • The Bottom (reach the bottom of the mine at level 120)
  • Local Legend (complete the Community Center)
  • Joja Co. Member Of The Year (purchase all Joja Community Development projects)
  • Mystery Of The Stardrops (find all Stardrops)
  • Protector Of The Valley (complete all Adventurer’s Guild monster slaying goals)
  • Prairie King (beat Journey Of The Prairie King)
  • Hidden Achievement (beat Journey Of The Prairie King without dying)
  • Fector’s Challenge

Thankfully, there’s no achievement for obtaining 50,000 points in Junimo Kart.

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