The Curious Case of Pregnancy in Stardew Valley: An In-Depth Experiment

Stardew Valley isn’t just about planting crops and fighting monsters in the Skull Cavern. The game also provides a lifelike marriage and family simulation feature. But how lifelike is it? Can you have a child if you sleep on Ginger Island? Is pregnancy affected by your energy level? To answer these questions and more, I conducted some experiments, which I’m eager to share with you.

Experiment 1: Pregnancy and Ginger Island



Since your spouse doesn’t visit Ginger Island, it’s reasonable to assume that pregnancy wouldn’t occur there.


I chose George as my spouse for this test. I spent an entire year on Ginger Island.


A year went by, and there was no pregnancy. This led me to wonder: was it George or was it Ginger Island?


After returning to my farmstead and sleeping for a few days, I was indeed pregnant. So, it appears Ginger Island is the reason you can’t conceive there.

Experiment 2: Pregnancy and Divorce


Regardless of whether you play a male or female character, if you divorce while pregnant, the child disappears. Being married is thus a prerequisite for having a child in the game.

Experiment 3: Pregnancy and Gender Change


If you change your gender one day before giving birth, a strange phenomenon occurs. The birth converts into an adoption, and vice versa. The first scenario isn’t too bizarre, but the second is rather perplexing. This suggests that the child’s appearance seems to be predestined.

Experiment 4: Pregnancy and Fainting



Since you feel “utterly exhausted” after fainting, it seems logical to assume that you couldn’t become pregnant.

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I married Evelyn this time. I fainted in the mines, and then observed the outcome.


Despite my suspicions, Evelyn was pregnant. I was returned to my bed by Linus. This finding was surprising, to say the least.

Experiment 5: The Timing of Pregnancy

Mr. Qi


Is the day of pregnancy fixed?


This time, I married Mr. Qi. I continuously slept until a pregnancy occurred. However, due to a glitch, Mr. Qi was removed from the game.


I switched to Linus as my spouse. Pregnancy was triggered on the night of the 12th, and reloading the save led to the same outcome.


This shows that the day of pregnancy is indeed fixed.

Additional Notes

  1. Energy Levels: Pregnancy can occur even if you are completely drained of energy, disproving my initial hypothesis about fainting affecting pregnancy.
  2. Realism: You wake up on the side of the bed where Linus sleeps after pregnancy is confirmed, which adds a touch of realism.
  3. Ginger Island: My tests confirmed that you can’t become pregnant on Ginger Island, regardless of the circumstances.

Final Thoughts

The experiments were time-consuming but revealed intriguing mechanics. From the necessity of being married to the bizarre rules around changing gender, Stardew Valley’s approach to family life is both complex and whimsical.

I ended up having three children through these tests: “Late Blessing” with George, “Very Unexpected” with Evelyn, and “Shouldn’t Be Extinct” with Linus. Each one of them added a new layer of richness to my Stardew Valley family experience.

So, whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a newcomer to the Valley, understanding the mechanics of pregnancy could add a whole new layer to your gaming experience. And remember, while Stardew Valley is a place of magic and wonder, it does have its own set of immutable rules—even when it comes to something as unpredictable as life itself.

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