The Economics of Coffee in Stardew Valley: A Comprehensive Guide

Comparing Coffee and Triple Shot Espresso

Coffee and Triple Shot Espresso are popular consumables in Stardew Valley that grant a speed boost of +1 to your character. The speed boost is a practical benefit, especially when you’re looking to maximize efficiency on the farm or while mining.

  • Coffee: The buff duration lasts for 1 minute and 23 seconds.
  • Triple Shot Espresso: Lasts for 4 minutes and 12 seconds.
Coffee in Stardew Valley
Coffee in Stardew Valley

You can craft one Triple Shot Espresso by using three coffees. The benefit? You save 3 seconds compared to consuming three separate coffees and also eliminate the need for two additional drinking animations. In the long run, this could translate into more in-game time saved.

A picture of the player character drinking coffee in Stardew Valley
Drinking coffee in Stardew Valley can help restore your energy and speed.
Tip: Crafting Triple Shot Espresso saves you time. Make sure to craft them for extended tasks.

Acquiring Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans are unique in Stardew Valley as they function both as a crop and a seed. You cannot use a Seed Maker to duplicate the seeds since the bean itself acts as the seed. There are primarily two ways to get Coffee Beans:

Pig Cart

The Traveling Cart (often called the Pig Cart) offers Coffee Beans with a 1.26% chance. The price varies between 100 and 1,000g. An additional 25% chance exists for it to appear at a cost of 2,500g.

Dust Sprites

Dust Sprites in the mines have a 1% chance of dropping Coffee Beans. You’ll get an average of 5 beans for every 500 Dust Sprites defeated.

Tip: Equipping a Burglar’s Ring while defeating Dust Sprites may give you extra Coffee Beans.

Crafting Your Coffee

Coffee Beans are a spring and summer crop, and they mature in just 10 days. Afterwards, they yield a harvest every two days, giving you four beans each time with a 2% chance of an extra bean. Even if we conservatively estimate two beans per day, this crop has the highest production speed in the game.

However, Coffee Beans have a low selling price of 15g each, which doesn’t make them very profitable. You can choose to brew Coffee with five beans, but even then, the profit margin remains minimal compared to other options like brewing Hops into Pale Ale.

Alternative Methods

Trading Diamonds

The Desert Trader offers Triple Shot Espresso in exchange for a Diamond. While Diamonds sell for 750g (or 974g with the Gemologist skill), a crafted Triple Shot Espresso costs around 900g. For early-game players, this is a profitable trade, saving you both gold and the initial investment cost of the kitchen and recipe.

the essential items that you can trade for at the Desert Trader’s stand
Tip: Trading diamonds for Triple Shot Espresso in the early game is cost-effective.

Coffee Rings

These are considered by many to be an endgame item. They offer a 25% chance of dropping Coffee and a 7.5% chance for Triple Shot Espresso when defeating monsters. While promising, the ring’s rarity makes it less reliable.


While Coffee and Triple Shot Espresso offer great utility, there are multiple ways to acquire them, each with its pros and cons. Whether you’re a farmer focusing on crops, a miner battling Dust Sprites, or a trader swapping Diamonds, choose the method that best aligns with your playstyle.

Tip: You can stack Coffee with food and Horse speed for an extra-fast pace.

Overall, Coffee in Stardew Valley is more about utility and personal preference rather than a straightforward path to wealth. Happy farming!

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