The Golden Piggy Bank: what it is

The Golden Piggy Bank is a decorative item that was added in the 1.14.16 update on July 22, 2022. It appears in the mail after the player has amassed 10 million gold. The piggy bank cannot be used to store gold, as the game’s code does not keep track of how much gold has been deposited into it.

Here’s a gift to commemorate you earning

10,000,000g/ Keep up the good work, kid. You have a bright future ahead.

-Mr. Qi

This unique item is a great way to show off your achievements, and it also serves as a reminder to keep saving your money! It functions as a piggy bank, and you can put money into it(You can click on it to put one coin in the piggy bank), but you can’t get any money back out of the piggy bank, unfortunately. It makes a clinking sound when clicked, and can be played like a drum.  it’s just a novelty item inspired by Animal Crossing’s piggy banks. You put it somewhere to look pretty.

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