The Long-Awaited 1.6 Update: What We Know So Far

The gaming community has been buzzing with questions regarding the 1.6 update. First teased by the developers back in April, it’s now late July, and fans are eagerly waiting for any news about the game’s development. We’ve scoured the internet, analyzed the developer’s tweets, and listened to the community to bring you the most comprehensive guide on what we know so far about the 1.6 update. So, let’s get started!

The Timeline: Predictions vs Reality

In April, the game’s developers announced that they had started working on the 1.6 update. Many, including myself, expected the update to be released in June, especially considering that a lot of code updating was reportedly completed for easier modding. But June came and went, and there’s been little news regarding the update. The developer has only tweeted twice since their initial announcement, leaving fans speculating on the delay.

Optimists believe that the reason for the delay is due to the developer adding more content than initially planned. Pessimists, however, think it might be a productivity issue. Either way, the waiting game continues.

Insights from Developer’s Tweets

Tweet 1: The Iridium Scythe

On Children’s Day (June 1), the developer teased the introduction of an Iridium Scythe. This could be an indication that scythes are finally becoming a part of the standard tool system. If that’s the case, it’s unlikely that players will be able to obtain this powerful scythe directly. More likely, players will need to upgrade a basic scythe through a tiered progression system—copper, steel, gold, and finally, iridium.

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We can expect that Clint, the local blacksmith, will probably have more business in this update as he’ll likely be responsible for these upgrades. This also begs the question: Will the existing Gold Scythe be replaced or altered in some way? It’s possible that it could be revamped into a unique weapon.

Scythe Features

Regarding features, we speculate that higher-level scythes could possibly cover a greater range or even deal more damage, making them useful weapons in the early game. As for enchantments, the current mechanics don’t make scythes cost stamina, so fatigue-saving enchantments may be unnecessary unless this changes. Instead, enhancements could focus on range and speed.

Tweet 2: New Festivals, Items, Dialogues, and More

The second tweet, posted on the 18th, mentions new festivals, new items, more dialogue, secrets, and ends with two question marks, adding an air of mystery to what we can expect.

The Speculation Zone


Let’s face it, while Stardew Valley is abundant in festivals, the participation rate is not that high. Many players find the events repetitive, especially if you’ve played the game for multiple years. This tweet raises hopes that not only will there be new festivals, but perhaps the existing ones will be revamped. New dialogues and placement for NPCs during festivals can also add some much-needed freshness to the game.


While the last update did add a lot of new items, many were not particularly useful. There’s hope that the upcoming update will focus on functionality rather than just novelty. Revamping existing items to be more functional would also be a welcome change.

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Stardew Valley could benefit greatly from a dynamic dialogue system that changes according to the player’s relationship level with NPCs and season-specific conversations. An enhanced dialogue system could mean more in-depth relationships and improved game immersion.


Stardew Valley is no stranger to easter eggs, and we’re expecting a bunch of new ones in this update. Could there be a continuation of the alien subplot, or perhaps the introduction of sea monsters? Only time will tell.

Final Thoughts

While the developer has been pretty tight-lipped about the specifics, the two tweets and the months of waiting have only fueled our anticipation. While it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact release date based on these teasers, the scope of changes implied suggests that 1.6 could be worth the wait.

So, what do you think? Are you excited for the 1.6 update? What are your predictions? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: The content of this article is speculative and based on available information up to the point of writing. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

If you’re as excited as we are, make sure to keep your eyes glued to this space for the latest news on the 1.6 update!

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