The Ultimate Guide To Building A Well In Stardew Valley

There are many buildings you can build on your farm in Stardew Valley. While some of the buildings are to enhance your life, others are to raise your animals or have your crops thriving. The Well is one of the important purchasable farm buildings in Stardew Valley that every farmer will likely need. It allows you to refill your farm watering can which you use on your crops. With a well structure, you will not have a shortage of water for your crops and the farm in general. This will make your crops grow.

How to build a Well in Stardew Valley

As stated in the introduction, a good well structure is purchasable and you don’t have to build it yourself. Building a well in Stardew Valley is easy. All you have to do is to buy it at the Carpenter’s shop from Robin. It takes just two days for the construction to be completed by Robin. Before you can build a wall in Stardew Valley, you need to provide the cost and material.

A screenshot of a well structure in Stardew Valley game
Well Structure in Stardew Valley

Material required for building a Well in Stardew Valley

Unlike other buildings in this game, you only need to provide one material to build a well Stardew Valley. You must have 75 stone with you. Nevertheless, this material is not the only thing or requirement you need.

Cost of building a Well in Stardew Valley

You also need to have 1000g which is the cost of building a Well (3×3 tiles) in the game. In other words, this is the fee Robin charges for building a well for you at any location.

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When you have the material and the money, go to Pelican Town and locate Robin’s store in the Northern part of the mountain. She will have your well structure built in two days.

A screenshot of Robin's shop in Stardew Valley game
Robin’s Shop in Stardew Valley

Advantages and disadvantages of building a Well in Stardew Valley

There are both advantages and disadvantages to building a well in Stardew Valley. The Benefits of having a Well in Stardew Valley include:

  • Having a source for refilling your watering can which is needed on your farm.
  • The convenience of building it where you want.
  • It takes just two days for the well to be built.


One of the major drawbacks of building a Well in Stardew Valley is the cost especially when you can fill your watering can at any other water source like the kitchen sink and pond. Also, you will speed great time and energy working to earn the 1000g needed for constructing a well.

Best practices for using the Well in Stardew Valley

It is one thing to have a well and another thing to use it right. One of the best tips for using the well in stardew valley is to build it close to your farm or on the farm where you have planted your crops. This will save you the time of walking a long distance looking for a water source to refill the watering can that you will use on your crops. So, it does not matter where your farm is located in Stardew Valley, make sure you build the well close to or on it.

Frequently asked questions about the Well structure in Stardew Valley

As a beginner, there are lots of possible questions you might have as you play this game. You would not want to miss certain opportunities or waste your hard-earned money on avoided things. With these questions and answers below, you will have a better adventure in this game. Some of the questions both new and old Stardew Valley players ask about building a well in Stardew Valley and the best answers include:

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Questions Answers
Is building a Well in Stardew Valley worth it? Building a Well is not necessary as you can easily fill and refill your watering can at any water source like the lake, pond, kitchen sink, etc.
Who builds a well in Stardew Valley? The carpenter, Robin is in charge of building a Well in Stardew Valley.
What do I need to build a Well in Stardew Valley? You need to have 1000g and 75 stone.
Where is Robin’s store located? You can locate Robin’s shop in the Northern Area of the Mountain in Pelican Town.
Is Robin’s shop open anytime? Robin’s shop is open from 9 am to 5 pm most days. Between this time, you can visit her and pay for your well to be built.

Final thoughts

The well is one of the buildings that every farmer in Stardew Valley needs. It is a water source that allows you to fill and refill your watering can. Without the availability of water, your crops and animals won’t thrive. So, you don’t only need to have a well but one that is close to your farm or build on your farm. This will save you time and energy walking to and from looking for a pond, lake, and other water sources to fill your watering can. With a constructed well on your farm, you won’t need to walk long distances again.


So, I recommend you build it on your farm if the lake, pond, and other water sources are far from your farmland and if you love farming in Stardew Valley. If on the other hand, you have these water sources close and don’t have a passion for farming, you may need to save the money in constructing a well for another thing and fill up your watering can at any nearby water source.

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