How to Quickly Get the Snake Vertebrae in Stardew Valley

Quickly Get the Snake Vertebrae

Today, I’m going to share a method with you to farm the Snake Vertebrae. This particular item is quite tricky to obtain.

Here, Save your game, Then we use a hoe to dig up the first two “worms” (also known as artifact spots), and the result is an Omni Geode and a Lost Book. Following that, we reload our save file.

Then, we return to the location of the worms. Using the hoe again, we dig up one nearby empty ground, Then dig up the two “worms”. Did we receive another Omni Geode and Lost Book? No worries, we’ll try again.

Ah, on our third try, we first dig up two empty spots and then the worm. This time, it has transformed and yielded a Snake Vertebrae. This just goes to show the wide variety of items these worms can yield. It seems to be related to how many times you dig.

Using this method, you can easily obtain two Snake Vertebrae.

Have you heard, villagers? Stardew Valley got a new 1.5 update for your favorite game, and it came with many new tasks, and probably the most exciting thing that came is an entirely new area to explore – the Ginger Island.

A screenshot of Ginger Island in Stardew Valley
Explore the new area in Stardew Valley – Ginger Island


On Ginger Island, there is a Snake Vertebrae, and you will find out how to find this flexible serpent in this guide.

Without further ado, let’s see where should you look for this artifact.


On Ginger Island, you will find many artifacts. While roaming around the island you have to collect fossil parts and bring them to the Island Field Office, which is Professor Snail’s tenant.

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When you bring the Snake Fossil the reward will be waiting for you – Mango Sapling and 3 Golden Walnuts.

Also, you can use The Snake Vertebrae in the Bone Mill or in tailoring. But first, let’s go find the snake.

How to Find Snake Vertebrae

The Snake Fossil consists of 3 parts:

Part Location
Skull The beach
Two pieces of Snake Vertebrae West part of Ginger Island

All parts of this fossil are located in the West part of Ginger Island, and you can unlock this area with ten Golden Walnuts.

A map of Ginger Island in Stardew Valley
A map of Ginger Island in Stardew Valley


If you listened carefully to Professor Snail, another method you can use to find fossils is panning.

Use the Copper Pan to find the tail by tapping the glittering spots on the water, and try fishing near the dig site to find the spine. Sometimes, the skull can even fall off a golden coconut from the palm tree, so better watch out for those coconuts!

A screenshot of the player panning for Snake Vertebrae in Stardew Valley
A screenshot of the player panning for Snake Vertebrae in Stardew Valley


Using the Burglar’s Ring, visiting the digging spots early in the morning, or clearing the farm area to spawn more digging spots can increase your chances of finding the Snake Vertebrae. Another piece of advice is to drink Ginger Ale and eat Spicy Eels.

Common Questions and Frustrations

This quest leaves many players frustrated because they think it is impossible to find Snake Vertebrae. The most frequent questions are the following:

Can you purchase the Snake Vertebrae?

No, in Stardew Valley you cannot purchase the Snake Vertebreal, you can only get it by digging up Artifact Spots located on the western side of Ginger Island.

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What is the best time to dig up the Artifact Spots to find Snake Vertebrae?

Players claim that it is best to find Artifact Spots first thing in the morning, and they also advise that as soon as you unlock the west side of Ginger Island, start looking for Snake Vertebrae because you will find a lot more digging spots, which increases your chances.

A screenshot of the player digging for Snake Vertebrae in Stardew Valley
Digging for Snake Vertebrae can be frustrating, but keep trying and you will eventually find them



As you can see, finding Snake Vertebrae seems like a big challenge, especially if you try hard. Many players eventually give up, and just then they happen to come across the perfect spot for digging and it awaits them there.

Follow the tips in this guide and maybe today is the day to find the missing parts for the Snake Fossil.

Bring all the fossil parts and collect your rewards!

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