The Ultimate Guide To Growing And Using Flowers in Stardew Valley

Flowers are universally loved gifts in Stardew Valley that you can buy and grow. They are located in different areas in the valley. You can use flowers for different purposes apart from gifting them to other characters. In this Stardew Valley flower guide, you will know the different types of flowers, how to get them, where to find them, and their benefits.

Types of Flowers in Stardew Valley

Stardew valley flowers include several other crops that grow on your farm. The types of flowers in Stardew Valley include:

  • The Sweet Pea
A picture of a Sweet Pea flower
Sweet Peas are commonly found in Pelican Town during Summer.

This flower is commonly found in Pelican Town through forage in Summer. It also grows at the Bus Stop, Forest Farm Map, Cindersap Forest, and the Railroad. The Sweet Pea flower is edible, however, it does not add health or energy to you.
* The Crocus

Just like the Sweet Pea, this flower is obtained through foraging but during the Winter season. You can find it at the Bus Stop, Cindersap Forest, the Railroad, the Mountains, and Pelican Town.
* Backwoods

A picture of a Sunflower
Sunflowers take 8 days to grow from Sunflower Seeds.

This flower is an edible flower that grows from Winter wild seed. However, it does not increase your health or energy after consumption.
* The Sunflower

A picture of a Tulip
Tulip honey is produced from this flower.

This flower crop grows after eight days from Sunflower Seeds. This flower will drop 0 – 2 sunflower seeds and one sunflower
* The Tulip

This flower grows from Tulip Bulbs within six days. Tulip honey is produced from this flower. You can buy it from the Traveling Cart.
* Summer Spangle

A picture of a Fairy Rose
Fairy Rose Honey can be produced from this flower.

In eight days, this flower grows from Spangle Seeds. It also produces Summer Spangle Honey. You can buy it from the Traveling Cart.
* Fairy Rose

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The Fairy Rose flower grows within 12 days of planting from Fairy Seed. Fairy Rose Honey can be produced from this flower. You can buy it from the Traveling Cart.
* Blue Jazz

A picture of a Poppy flower
Poppy flowers can be grown for medicinal purposes.

In seven days, this flower grows from Jazz seeds. Blue Jazz Honey is produced from this flower. You can buy it from the Traveling Cart.
* Poppy

You can grow this medicinal flower in seven days from Poppy Seeds. This flower is hated by all in Stardew Valley except Penny, who loves it dearly. Poppy Honey can be produced from Poppy flowers. It is sold in the Traveling Cart.

How to Grow Flowers in Stardew Valley

Earlier, we explained where you can find some flowers and how you can obtain others by growing their seeds. So, you can’t grow all kinds of flowers in Stardew Valley. The best flowers to grow in Stardew Valley are flowers that have seeds. Apart from the Winter Season, growable crops seeds are sold at Jojamart and Pierre General’s Store. Amongst these crop seeds sold here, you will likely see flower seeds. You can buy these flower seeds and plant them on your farm. To maximize flower growth, your flowers should be planted and harvested in their best seasons. Some are Summer flowers, some are Fall flowers, and others are Winter flowers. Also, provide a good farming environment for your flowers and irrigate them with your watering can after planting them at the right time. While you control possible pests that eat up crops, make sure your flowers are planted in an area where they can get sunlight. When this is done, you will have a good yield and can use your flowers for different purposes.

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Uses of Flowers in Stardew Valley

There are different ways of using flowers in Stardew valley. Flowers can be used for the following purposes:

  • Recipes and crafting items
    Some flowers are used for producing certain recipes and crafting important items needed to complete some quests within the game. For instance, Fairy rose serves as one of the ingredients for crafting fairy dust. Blue jazz flower is one of the ingredients used in producing lucky lunch recipes. Crocus is used to craft an item known as wild seeds.
  • Scoring Items
    Another purpose of flowers in Stardew Valley is for scoring items. Flowers that are combined with Tree Sap and Forage are used to score items at the Stardew Valley Fair during the Grange Display.
  • Sold for profits
    Flowers are valuable items in Stardew Valley. Every flower has its selling price in the game. So, selling to anyone will give you money that you can use for one activity or the other.
  • Attraction site

Flowers are known for their beautiful colors and unique features or appearance. It can give your farm an attractive look. When you fence the area where you have your flowers planted, it can serve as an attraction site.
* Medicinal Purposes
The poppy flower which is hated universally in Stardew Valley can be used for medicinal purposes.
* Honey
Flowers are a great source of honey. As early stated, a lot of honey can be produced from different flowers. For instance, you can obtain Blue Jazz Honey from Blue Jazz flowers.

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Tips for obtaining rare or valuable flowers

The following are the tips in obtain both valuable and rare flowers:

  • Forage
    This is the easier and more free way of obtaining flowers. While Crocus flowers are found in the Winter season, you can find Sweet Pea flowers during summer. All you need to obtain this flower is to pick them from areas such as Pelican Town, the Bus Stop, the Cindersap Forest, Railroad, etc.
  • Farming
    Another tip for getting flowers in Stardew Valley apart from foraging is growing these flowers on your farm. As stated before, buy flower seeds from Jojamart and Pierre General’s Store and plant them.
  • Wild Seeds
    Through Wild Seeds, you can grow forage-ables. Unlike running or walking about different locations to pick Sweet Peas and Crocus flowers, you can easily craft Winter and Summer Wild Seeds and grow them.
  • Traveling Cart
    Every Friday and Sunday, special stocks including flowers and flower seeds are sold by the Traveling Merchant. So, go to the Merchant on Sundays and Fridays before 8 pm and get the flower of your choice. However, make sure you go with money as these flowers or flower seeds come at different prices.


From this Stardew Valley flower guide you just read, you can now know the different types of flowers in this game, their many benefits, and where to obtain them. So, whether you want to plant, craft, or buy them, make sure to get your money and farm ready.

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