The Ultimate Guide to Rare and Unobtainable Furniture in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley isn’t just about farming, mining, and falling in love with the town’s NPCs. It’s also about customization and making your farm and home truly your own with a variety of furniture and decor. However, not all furniture is easy to acquire. In this extensive guide, we’ll delve into rare and unobtainable furniture items that can’t be procured through the standard Furniture Catalog.

Unattainable High-Value Items

Tip: If you’re not a high roller, you might want to skip this section.

Millionaire Yellow Cat Statue

You’ll need 1 million gold to purchase this statue from Mr. Qi’s Casino. This exorbitant piece is clearly not for those on a shoestring budget.

Purple Cat Statue from Grandpa’s Shrine

This statue becomes available when you achieve four candles at Grandpa’s Shrine. The candles are lit depending on the accomplishments you have in the game.

Blue Cat Statue from Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room

This statue is rewarded after completing 100% of the tasks in Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room. So gear up for some intense completionist gameplay to get this elusive blue cat.

Three Lucky Cat statues from Stardew Valley together
The three Lucky Cat statues in Stardew Valley

Rare Drops and Special Events

Stardew Valley Hero Trophy

This trophy is given when you’ve proven yourself as a real hero in the Valley.

Soda Machine from JojaMart Route

Following the JojaMart route will grant you a soda machine.

Strange Capsule and Stone Owl

These items are rare and can only be found through nighttime events.

Arcade Games: Junimo Kart and Journey of the Prairie King

Finish these games at the saloon to get their respective arcade machines.

Junimo Plush from Secret Note 13

The Junimo Plush is hinted at in Secret Note 13.

Stone Junimo from Secret Note 14

Another one you can get through secret notes.

Lewis’ Golden Statue from Secret Note 19

A secret statue that can be obtained through certain in-game actions based on hints in Secret Note 19.

A player character holding a Secret Note in Stardew Valley
You can find Secret Notes while digging, chopping trees, mining, and defeating monsters.

Museum Rewards and Fishing

Most museum rewards can’t be procured from the catalog either. This includes:

  • Sloth Skeleton
  • Chicken Statue
  • Skull Statue
  • Bear Statue
  • Crystal Chair
  • Standing Geode
  • Singing Stone
  • Obsidian Vase
  • Burnt Offering

Fishing in special locations can also yield unique furniture items, making it another activity you’ll want to get skilled at if you’re a collector.

a collection of museum rewards
a collection of museum rewards

Shops with Limited Time Offers

Various festivals and special events feature shops where you can buy unique furniture, often only available during those specific times.

Spring Egg Festival

  • Lawn Flamingo
  • Plush Bunny

Flower Dance Festival

  • Tub o’ Flowers


  • Tropical TV
  • Tropical Bed

Night Market

A vast range of decoration items are sold here:

  • Colored Wands
  • Seasonal Decorations
  • Ordinary Torches
  • Dressing Torches

Night Market
Night Market

Items from Special Quests and Relationships

Completing special quests and forming relationships with NPCs can also lead to unique furniture items.

  • Demetrius’ special fishing quest awards the Farm Computer recipe.
  • Robin’s 6-heart event grants Drum and Flute Blocks.
  • Leah’s 14-heart event gives you her first painting.
  • Sam’s 14-heart event grants Sam’s Amp.
  • Penny’s 14-heart event allows you to choose from four different unique home styles.

Final Thoughts

This guide is your ultimate reference for rare and unobtainable furniture in Stardew Valley. Whether you’re a veteran player or a newcomer looking to make their farm unique, these items will undoubtedly be the cherry on top of your Stardew Valley experience.

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