The Wizard’s Quest in Stardew Valley Extended Mod

The Wizard’s Quest is a side mission in Stardew Valley Extended mod that adds depth and variety to the game, and provides players with a new set of objectives to accomplish. In this quest, players must help the wizard regain his magical abilities by completing a series of tasks, such as gathering magical goods, slaying creatures in the mines, and solving puzzles in the wizard tower.

Importance of Completing the Quest

There are several reasons why completing the Wizard’s Quest is important:

  1. It extends the game’s depth and variety by giving players a new path to explore and a set of objectives to accomplish.
  2. It allows players to get closer to one of the game’s more intriguing and mysterious characters, the wizard.
  3. Completing the quest rewards players with a special item called “Magic Ink,” which may be used to gain access to new crafting methods and features.
  4. It boosts the game’s completion percentage, which may be rewarding if players enjoy uncovering and finishing every facet of a game.
  5. Ultimately, the Wizard’s Quest is a fun and gratifying side mission that is not required to complete the game.

How to Trigger the Wizard Quest

To trigger the Wizard Quest in the Stardew Valley Extended mod, the Community Center package must be completed. When you go to the train station after completing the bundles, a cutscene will play. The Wizard will need your help gathering magical items throughout the cutscene.

train station
train station

The quest begins at the Wizard’s Tower after the cutscene. Talk to the Wizard and offer to assist him find the artifacts. You can search the game world for his list of items.

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How to Progress Through the Wizard Quest

To progress through the Wizard’s Quest, players must accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Get the Wizard’s list of magical items.
  2. Find and retrieve the four items the Wizard has asked for:
    • Artifact #1: The Lost Book
    • Artifact #2: The Magic Powder
    • Artifact #3: The Enchanted Rose
    • Artifact #4: The Mystic Talisman
  3. Retrieve the final artifact from the caverns of Skull.
  4. Return all the relics to the Wizard.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Complete the Objectives

Get the List of Magic Items

To get the list of magical items, players must visit the Wizard’s Tower and consult with the Wizard.

Get the 4 Items That Were Asked For

  1. Artifact #1: The Lost Book – Located in the northeast part of the game world in the Abandoned House. Players must use the Rusty Key to gain access to the book.
  2. Artifact #2: The Magic Powder – Located in the desert. Players must catch a Sandfish from the river on the western side of the desert using Magic Bait, and then trade it with the shopkeeper in the Oasis for the Magic Powder.
  3. Artifact #3: The Enchanted Rose – Located in the mines. Players must make it to level 25 of the mines and kill the Serpent monster to get to the rose room.
  4. Artifact #4: The Mystic Talisman – Located in the Witch’s Swamp. Players must use Magic Bait to capture a Ghostfish in the marsh, and then present it to the Witch to receive the talisman.

Pick up the Last Artifact in the Skull Cavern

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The final artifact, Void Essence, is located on the 100th level of Skull Cavern.

Return All the Relics to the Wizard

After retrieving all the relics, players must return them to the Wizard to complete the quest.

Tips and Strategies

To successfully complete the Wizard’s Quest, players should keep the following tips and strategies in mind:

  • Bug Meat and Sap can be used to make Magic Bait.
  • To enter Skull Cavern, players must first fix the bus at the bus stop.
  • It is recommended to stock up on food, bombs, and other supplies before attempting to acquire the relics.
  • Level 25 of the mines is where players will find the Enchanted Rose, but getting there can be challenging without a good weapon and lots of health and energy.
  • In the mines, players can use the Elevator to get to lower levels without having to descend all the way, saving time and effort.
  • Players will need a powerful weapon and many healing and stamina items to take on the Serpent monster in the mines.
  • If players want to get to the Void Essence in Skull Cavern quickly after reaching Level 100, they should stock up on bombs and other items.

Rewards for Completing the Wizard Quest

The primary reward for completing the Wizard’s Quest is Magic Ink, which can be used to create magical scrolls that provide players with various benefits, such as increased energy, speed, damage, or teleportation to new game locations. Additionally, completing the mission unlocks new Wizard conversation, activities, and a new Wizard’s Tower location.

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How to Obtain the Rewards

After completing the Wizard’s Quest, players can return to the Wizard’s Tower to obtain Magic Ink. The Magic Inkwell in the Wizard’s Tower’s new region can be used to write magical scrolls with Magic Ink. Players should approach the Magic Inkwell and choose their desired scroll type. The sort of scroll written determines how much Magic Ink players require.

Completing the Wizard’s Quest unlocks new Wizard dialogue, events, and a new Wizard’s Tower region, as well as Magic Ink. The Arcane Library also holds magical books and artifacts that can help players. To reach the Arcane Library, players should climb the Wizard’s Tower steps and enter the right entrance.

Common Mistakes or Pitfalls to Avoid During the Quest

Players should avoid the following common mistakes or pitfalls during the Wizard’s Quest:

  • Rushing through the quest because of its many puzzles and challenges.
  • Getting trapped on a puzzle and growing frustrated if stuck on one.
  • Not sticking with the quest until the end, as the Wizard’s Quest may be challenging and time-consuming, but the benefits of completing it are well worth it.


The Wizard’s Quest in the Stardew Valley Extended mod is a challenging but ultimately rewarding side mission that adds depth and complexity to the game. By completing the quest, players can obtain new content, character insights, and equipment, as well as unlock new Wizard dialogue, activities, and a new Wizard’s Tower region. Those looking for a new Stardew Valley challenge should try the Wizard’s Quest.

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