Trash Bear in Stardew Valley: A Guide to Unlocking Its Secrets

Hello, fellow Stardew Valley players!Have you ever come across a cute little bear outside the sewer entrance? Its name is the Trash Bear, and in this tutorial, we have compiled some interesting facts about it for those who are curious. Let’s dive in!

Trash Bear standing outside the sewer entrance

When Does the Trash Bear Appear?

The Trash Bear does not appear during the first two years of your time in Stardew Valley. Instead, it shows up on the first non-rainy day of the third year, right by the sewer entrance. When you right-click on it, a dialogue bubble appears, displaying a random item that you need to bring to the bear.

Dialogue bubble with a random item request

What Does the Trash Bear Do?

Generally, the Trash Bear will ask for two types of seasonal fish or foraging items. In addition, it will request two dishes (four items in total). There’s no time limit to complete these tasks, so you don’t need to worry about finishing them the same day. However, if the requested items include seasonal ones, the Trash Bear will replace the previous season’s items with those from the current season when it changes. As for recipes, they are not seasonal, so you can relax about the time once you have completed the first two seasonal items.

A picture of various seasonal fish in Stardew Valley
A picture of various seasonal fish in Stardew Valley.

Trash Bear playing flute and cleaning up trash

What Happens After You Bring the Trash Bear the Items?

After repeating this process four times, you’ll trigger an animation in which the Trash Bear plays a pan-pipes to help clean up the trash below the cliffs and around Pelican Town. It even goes the extra mile by renovating Alex’s doghouse, which is incredibly nice of it!

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Renovated doghouse

We hope this tutorial has helped you to understand the Trash Bear a bit better! Have fun collecting items for it and unlocking its animation!

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