Unleashing The Power Of The Stardew Valley Meteorite

There are lots of rare events that happen in Stardew Valley and one such rare event is the meteorite explosion. This explosion usually happens at night when you are sleeping. If you have heard an explosive sound that made you wake up, that would be the meteorites. If you are wondering if this rare rock has any benefits, it does. It is a source of iridium ore and geodes. Meteorite also has other benefits which we will look at in this guide. You will also get to know how to interact with it to get the benefits and steps in finding the Stardew Valley meteor. Before then, let’s find out what a meteorite is.

A purple meteorite in Stardew Valley
A rare Stardew Valley meteorite

What is a Stardew Valley Meteorite?

Stardew Valley meteorite is a unique rock you will rarely find in Stardew Valley. Unlike other rocks which are usually dark gray, meteorites are purplish in shade. They come with small purple gems all over the sides. As earlier stated, it is a great source of iridium ore and upon mining the rock, you will get iridium and stone.

How to Find a Stardew Valley Meteorite

Unlike other boulders and rocks in Stardew Valley, it is very rare to find Stardew Valley meteorites. You can’t find this rock anywhere in the valley as it does not occur naturally. If this is the case, how can you find Meteor? Different things come to be as a result of some special random chance events. The Meteorite is one of the products of such random events. It occurs during the night in Stardew Valley. There are two major types of such random events. They are:

  1. Personal Event
  2. Farm Events
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Personal Event

There are only four personal events in Stardew Valley. The first and second personal events involve humans – when you are asked if you want a child by the NPC that you married and when you receive a cutscene of your child. The two other personal events involve animals – the birth of a farm animal and the occurrence of a wild animal attack in the night.

Farm Events

There are seven farm events in Stardew Valley that occur during the night. They include the Bundle Completion, Earthquake, Strange Capsule, the Crop Fairy, the Witch, the Owl Statue, Void Chicken, and meteorite. When a meteorite event occurs, a sound of a crashing object will be heard on your farm. It takes a 1 percent chance for this explosion to occur. That is, there is only a one percent chance for you to obtain the random event that triggers or spawns the meteorite. If you are lucky to get this one percent chance, you will receive an “An Explosion Was Heard In The Night” Message when you wake up. You can now find the Meteor by looking at your farm. You will possibly see it fall close to or anywhere on your farm.

How to Interact with a Stardew Valley Meteorite

The rareness of the Stardew Valley meteorite does not stop you from interacting with it. To interact with it, you need to upgrade your pickaxe.

  • Upgrade your pickaxe
  • Invest Your Iridium

Upgrade your pickaxe

This is the first step in interacting with a meteorite. You can’t be able to mine the fallen Meteor without a Gold pickaxe. An alternative to the Gold Pickaxe is the Iridium Pickaxe. So, visit the Blacksmith Shop and upgrade your tools. It is best to upgrade your pickaxe when you will not have anything to mine for the whole day. So, after the upgrade, you can dedicate full days to getting the best out of mining Meteor. Upgrading of tools takes two days so you won’t have access to your tool. You can do this upgrade on time when you are focused on watering your plants.

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Invest Your Iridium

With your upgraded pickaxe mine this rare rock. Of course, you will obtain valuable items like iridium from it as earlier mentioned. Using Stardew Valley meteor mined outputs wisely can’t be overemphasized. You can use the Iridium Ore you have collected from the meteorite for Slime Incubator, Iridium Sprinkler, Iridium Band, upgrading tools to Iridium quality, and Crystalarium.

The benefits and uses of the meteorite in the game

The Stardew Valley meteorite impact and benefits in the game are many. Some of the benefits are:

  • Iridium Ore
  • Geodes
  • A Fun Attraction

Iridium Ore

This is one of the major benefits of Meteorite. This rare resource from Meteor can be gotten anyhow. You can’t access it like other items. It is only accessible when you arrive at the floor of the Mines in Pelican Town and can access the Skull Cavern located in the Calico Desert. Iridium Ore can be obtained when you break Geodes. However, this is not the best way to get it. With the fallen Meteor, getting Iridium Ore which you can use for many purposes as mentioned earlier becomes easy to get.


This is another benefit of meteorites. You can get a few Geodes when you mine the meteor. This enables you to get other rare items in Stardew Valley like minerals, gems, artifacts, and resources.

A Fun Attraction

You can choose not to break or mine this rock and rather choose to treat it like Mushroom Trees that grow on your farm randomly. You can create a fun attraction with this rock by incorporating it into the layout and design of your farm. When you build a fence around it, it will bring a weird attraction to your farm.

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Final Thought

In Stardew Valley, you will see lots of random events that do not occur regularly. There are two major types of random events in this game which are personal and farm events. Meteorite is one of the rare events under the Farm Event. This rock is different from other rocks both in color, appearance, and how it occurs. There is just one percent chance for this meteorite event to occur but when it does, it comes with an explosive sound. Meteorite has its benefits. It can serve as a source of iridium ore and Geodes which can both be used for different activities like upgrading of tools. Nevertheless, you can only mine this rock when you upgrade your pickaxe.

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