Unlock the Benefits of Stardew Valley’s Golden Clock: A Comprehensive

The Golden Clock is a highly coveted item that Stardew players need to achieve Perfection. The most expensive item of the game can help you keep track of real-time within the game.

In order to access the Golden Clock, players need to do the following:

  1. Complete either the Community Centre or JoJo Warehouse.
  2. Donate a minimum of 60 artifacts or gems to unlock the sewers and progress onwards to the Wizard’s questline.
  3. Possess a total of 10,000,000g to buy the Golden Clock.

What is the Golden Clock?

Image of the Golden Clock building in Stardew Valley
The Golden Clock building is the most expensive item in Stardew Valley


The Golden Clock is among the most sought-after buildings in the game. This 3×2 building sets players back 10,000,000g and can be bought from the Wizard in the Wizard Tower. The Golden Clock can help improve your gameplay and reduces repetitive tasks on your farm.

Benefits of Having the Golden Clock

While the building itself can add an aesthetic touch to your farm, the main benefit of having the clock on hand is that it can help you with your farm’s upkeep. It stops debris like weeds and trees from randomly spawning on your farm, and prevents your fences from decaying. Keep in mind that since grass is not considered debris, it will continue to appear on your farm. Also, the Golden Clock does not stop you from manually planting trees on your farm.

Tips for Acquiring the Golden Clock:

As the Golden Clock is the most expensive item present in the game, here are some money-making techniques to speed up the process:

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Doing it the Right Way:

  • Wine: A high priced good that you can sell is wine made from ancient fruit, starfruit, rhubarb, or pumpkin.
  • Truffle Oil: Adult pigs can drop one truffle a day, which can be turned into truffle oil using the oil maker. Truffle oil can be sold for a lot of money as it is an artisan good.
  • Fairy Honey: An expensive item that can be made using the Fairy Rose, Fairy Honey is the most profitable kind of honey present in game.

Doing it the Easy Way:

While making money is not the main goal of Stardew Valley, it can become a stopping block for new players who need to make a lot to initially get their farm up and running. This mod gives you an infinite money glitch, where you can make 1000g every time you press the home button.

How the Golden Clock can improve your Gameplay Experience

Image of the Perfection skill in Stardew Valley
The Golden Clock accounts for 10% of the total Perfection skill in Stardew Valley


The Golden clock is required for players to be able to achieve Perfection in the game. It accounts for 10% of the total Perfection skill. Players have found that the lack of weeding and upkeep has made farming a lot easier and more enjoyable, giving them more time to upskill in other areas of the game.


If you are looking to get Complete Perfection within the game, the Golden Clock should be your end goal. If, however, you feel that a giant gold clock in the middle of your humble farmstead can ruin your immersion, you can mod your Golden Clock to meld into its surroundings.

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Don’t forget to have fun!

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