Unlock the Wizard’s Quest: Guide to Stardew Valley’s Hidden Locations

Hello, fellow Stardew Valley players! Today, we will be exploring the Wizard’s quest and how to unlock the Gold Clock, Warp Tower, and Junimo Hut. If you’re interested in discovering the Mutant Bug Lair and Witch’s Swamp, this guide is a must-read. To unlock the Wizard’s Tower building features, you must first complete the Wizard’s Dark Talisman quest.

The Railroad area in Stardew Valley
Access the Railroad area to trigger the Wizard’s Dark Talisman quest.

Unlocking the Wizard’s Quest

To begin the quest, complete the Community Bundle or Jojamart route and trigger the celebration animation. Then, you can visit the Train Station, located north of Robin’s house, to activate the quest on the same day. Since you must visit the Train Station, the quest cannot be started before the 3rd day of summer.

The Wizard’s Story

The Wizard reveals an interesting backstory, explaining that he was once married to the Witch but made a mistake that led to their separation. From other conversations with the Wizard, it is revealed that he fathered a child with a villager, which turned his wife green with envy. The identity of the child and the villager remains a mystery. Fearing the wrath of the angry Witch, the Wizard sealed her in her house. However, her curse is not particularly frightening as it only turns Slimes black or gifts Void Eggs.

The Dark Talisman

The Wizard recently discovered that the Witch has managed to leave her house, possibly because she has a magical potion. As he does not want to face her himself, he asks you to retrieve the potion for him. To do so, you must first acquire the Dark Talisman, which is guarded by a stone tablet at the entrance of the Witch’s house.

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The Wizard suggests visiting Krobus in the Sewers, as he might know the location of the Dark Talisman. To enter the Sewers, you must donate 60 items to the Museum to receive the Rusty Key. Without the key, you cannot continue the quest.

Krobus and the Mutant Bug Lair

Krobus seems to have a close relationship with the Wizard’s family. He tells you that he had the Dark Talisman but lost it in the Mutant Bug Lair a few days ago. Believing you to be capable of retrieving it, he unseals the lair with a spell, revealing his own magical prowess.

The Mutant Bug Lair is an excellent location to gather fiber, bug meat, and mixed seeds, but it refreshes daily, so you can’t gather too much at once. This is also the only place where you can catch Slimejack fish.

Once you reach the end of the lair, you will find a chest containing the Dark Talisman. Return to the Train Station where you first spoke with the Wizard and interact with the stone tablet to break the seal.

The Witch’s Swamp and Goblin Problem

Upon entering, you will find a teleportation circle that transports you to the Witch’s Swamp. To access this area, you must complete the quest. Speak with the servant in the center, who informs you that this is private property and you cannot proceed.

The clue to complete this quest is found in the Lost Book, which reveals that the Goblin loves Void Mayonnaise. You can fish for Void Salmon in this area, and on rainy days, you can also catch Catfish. If you don’t have Void Mayonnaise in your inventory and haven’t completed the quest, there is a 25% chance of catching it while fishing. This can be useful for shipping or cooking if you don’t want to raise Void Chickens.

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Give the Void Mayonnaise to the Goblin, and he will let you pass, granting you access to the Witch’s Hut.

The Witch’s Hut and the Three Shrines

Inside the Witch’s Hut, you will find three shrines. The left shrine is the Shrine of Selfishness, where you can exchange Prismatic Shards to turn a child into a dove. The central shrine is the Shrine of Memory, which allows you to erase the memory of a divorced character for 30,000g. This shrine can erase multiple ex-spouses’ memories, including Krobus. The right shrine is the Shrine of Night Terrors, where you can exchange a Strange Bun to toggle monster spawns on your farm at night.

The magical potion the Wizard seeks is located on a table to the left. Pick it up and head to the teleportation circle on the right side of the room, which will take you directly to the Wizard’s basement. You can also access the basement by befriending the Wizard and reaching a 4-heart friendship level.

However, without completing the quest, you cannot teleport from the basement to the Witch’s Hut. In the basement, you will find the Shrine of Illusions, where you can change your appearance, name, favorite thing, gender, and pet’s appearance for 500g. Note that you cannot change your farm’s name or pet type.

Completing the Quest and Reaping the Rewards

Climb the ladder to reach the Wizard’s Tower, where the Wizard will inquire about his ex-wife and her current situation. At this point, you can choose to inform him about the Goblin or not. The Wizard then rewards you with access to the Book of Summoning in his room.

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With the Book of Summoning, you can build Warp Totem Poles, Junimo Huts, and Gold Clocks instantly. As long as you have the required materials, you can build multiple structures in a single day. This method is more convenient than using Robin’s building services.

In this guide, we have covered various quests and locations, including the Mutant Bug Lair, Witch’s Swamp, Witch’s Hut, and Wizard’s Basement. We hope this information proves helpful for new players in Stardew Valley.

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