Unlocking the Mysteries of Luck in Stardew Valley: A Deep Dive into Rabbit’s Foot and Duck Feather

In the realm of Stardew Valley, where farming, fishing, and mining are all part of your daily routine, luck plays a pivotal role in shaping your experience. While we’ve discussed how luck impacts crop yields in a previous article, it’s time to delve into another intriguing aspect—how luck affects the drop rates of Rabbit’s Foot and Duck Feather.

Image of a rabbit
Rabbits produce animal wool every four days and may drop rabbit’s feet under certain conditions

Two Sides of the Coin

Although Rabbit’s Foot and Duck Feather are technically animal products, they are closely intertwined with the game’s farming mechanics. Today, we’ll be looking at the formulas behind these rare items and how various factors, including daily luck, can influence their drop rates.

Image of a duck
Ducks lay eggs every other day and may produce duck feathers under certain conditions

The Formulas Unveiled

Let’s cut through the tedious math and directly look at the essential formulas. When the animal’s mood is optimal, the probability for a Duck Feather to drop is calculated as follows:

duck feather drop rate

And for Rabbit’s Foot, it’s:

rabbit foot drop rate

Deciphering the Formulas

Friendship Factor

The Friendship value shown on the animal status interface equates to the red hearts; each heart represents 200 points, with the maximum being 1000 points. Each heart increases the drop rate by 4%, meaning a full-hearted animal boosts the Rabbit’s Foot drop rate by 20%.

Animal Friendship and Mood Values
Friendship and mood values determine the quality of animal products.

Mood Modifier

The Mood Modifier is calculated based on the animal’s mood, and there are three scenarios:

  • High Mood (>200): Mood Modifier = Mood × 1.5
  • Neutral Mood (100–200): Mood Modifier = 0
  • Low Mood (<100): Mood Modifier = Mood – 100

In the third scenario, the Mood Modifier can become negative, decreasing the chance for high-quality products. But generally, with proper care, animals usually have a max mood of 255, giving a Mood Modifier of 382.5 and increasing the drop rate by 7.65%.

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The Role of Luck

Daily Luck varies between -10% to 10%. Special charms can add an additional 2.5%. On the best days, luck can contribute up to 12.5% towards the drop rate. The last variable, Luck Buff, increases the drop rate by 2% per point.

Testing the Formula: Rabbit’s Foot Case Study

I conducted an experiment with 12 rabbits, all maxed out in friendship. Using a cheat tool to maximize daily luck, I slept from Spring to Autumn and collected 60 Rabbit’s Feet. I repeated the experiment while equipped with two luck rings and ended up with 64 Rabbit’s Feet. The 4 additional feet were consistent with the Luck Buffs added by the rings, confirming that luck indeed affects the drop rates, albeit marginally.

I attempted another test involving magical ice cream but couldn’t complete it due to distractions. However, based on my observations, it’s likely that food buffs are nullified before Rabbit’s Foot drops are calculated.

How Often Will Rabbits Drop Feet?

Under zero luck and zero friendship, the base drop rate for a Rabbit’s Foot is 7.65%. Assuming you pet your rabbit starting from day one, gaining 15 friendship points, and allow it to eat hay daily, gaining 8 additional points each day, by day seven you’ll have 156 friendship points. On the day the rabbit matures, the drop rate for Rabbit’s Foot will be 10.71%.

It’s advisable to buy a Rabbit’s Foot if you see one on the Traveling Cart or get one as a monster drop, as it takes roughly a month to have a Rabbit’s Foot drop from a well-cared-for animal, considering the days when they can’t eat hay due to rain.

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Practical Applications

According to calculations, a barn full of maxed-out rabbits can drop around 101 Rabbit’s Feet in a year. If you’re equipped with two luck rings, this number goes up to 114—more than enough for gifting and quests. The maximum drop rate achievable with full friendship, mood, daily luck, and luck rings is 44.15%. However, whether or not an item drops is determined overnight, and save-scumming won’t help you here.

Conclusion and Future Exploration

Luck in Stardew Valley plays a small but impactful role in your farming strategy. Although the subject of Duck Feather is beyond the scope of this article, it’s definitely a topic for future exploration.

Whether you’re a meticulous planner or a casual player, understanding the mechanics of luck can significantly enhance your Stardew Valley experience. Feel free to run your own tests and share your findings.

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