Unveiling the Mysteries of Wumbus, Bobo, and Rosell in Stardew Valley

Have you ever wondered who Wumbus, Bobo, and Rosell are in Stardew Valley? If you’ve never set foot in the movie theater, chances are you may not recognize these names. But don’t fret; we’re about to delve into everything related to Wumbus, covering peculiar dolls, in-game movies, posters, and even statues. So saddle up for a journey into the fascinating cosmos of Pelican Town.

Wumbus Statue
Wumbus Statue

The Enigmatic Dolls

Remember those weird dolls—one green and one yellow—that you’ve stumbled upon? The green one is connected to Secret Note 17, which you can find by digging above JojaMart. Surprise, surprise, it turns out this green doll is Wumbus! By using this doll, you can craft a Wumbus T-shirt.

The other doll, revealed through Secret Note 18, can be dug up next to a chair in the desert. This red doll, dressed in yellow, is none other than Bobo. Crafting with this peculiar doll will net you a Bobo T-shirt.


The Ancient Doll Dilemma

Besides these two, there’s also an ‘Ancient Doll’ in the game. Its appearance differs considerably from Wumbus and Bobo, so it probably has no relation to Wumbus at all. But it does add another layer of intrigue to the artifact-collecting aspect of Stardew Valley.

Ancient Doll

A Glimpse into the Wumbus Movie

After fixing the movie theater, come the second summer of the next year, a Wumbus movie is featured. Even before that, in spring, you can spot Wumbus posters outside the cinema. So, what’s the movie all about?

Wumbus lives on an eccentric and humorous planet as an alien, soaking up the warmth of a star while enjoying a carefree life. He resides with his food robot servant, who consistently offers him deep-fried pancakes and delicious red sauce.

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Rosell, Wumbus’s diverse nephew, is intrigued by the celestial systems and their culture. In Rosell’s cosmic veranda, Wumbus is green, while Rosell is blue. The movie provides simple yet captivating vignettes of Wumbus’s life. The red alien dressed in yellow (yep, that’s Bobo) also makes several appearances.

Wumbus movie

Easter Eggs and Sidenotes

During the movie’s screening period, you can grab Wumbus and Bobo statues and movie posters from the claw machine in the arcade.

The game goes further in mystifying its audience. Do you remember the hidden message in “The Physician’s Book”? It goes something like “Sea Cucumber, Town, Egg Yolk Sauce, Restaurant, Weird Bread, Toy Box.” Following these clues, you can acquire three strange statues. When you place them side by side, you’ll notice their striking resemblance to Wumbus and other characters. Though they aren’t exact replicas, they add another layer of mystery.

claw machine

The Long-Forgotten Comic: Wumbus World

Interestingly, in 2011, the game’s creator also developed a comic called “Wumbus World,” of which only one piece seems to be available online. If anyone has more information on the comic’s plot and characters, it would certainly enrich our understanding of this enigmatic figure.


Posters and Hidden Clues

Sam’s wall poster also seems to feature Wumbus. So, keep an eye out for any additional clues in different in-game locations.

Sam’s wall poster
Sam’s wall poster


So there you have it—a comprehensive guide to the enigmatic Wumbus, and his connections to Bobo and Rosell in Stardew Valley. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or new to Pelican Town, these intriguing characters provide another layer to the game’s expansive world. Who knows, you might just find a new mystery to solve the next time you log in.

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Do you have any more Wumbus-related tidbits to share? Have you come across any other clues in the game? Let us know, and let’s continue unveiling the enigma that is Wumbus in Stardew Valley.

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