Unveiling the Mystery of Stardew Valley’s Random Events

Hello, fellow Stardew Valley players! There are many random events that occur at night in the game, and many players might be unsure of their purpose. In this tutorial, we’ll go through each event one by one and provide some answers.

1: Meteorites

If you hear a loud explosion during the night, it’s likely a meteorite. Let’s find out where it landed! To break a meteorite, you’ll need at least a gold pickaxe, and it will reward you with iridium ore.

2: Fairy Visits

Most players are familiar with this one. A fairy will come and speed up the growth of your crops. If it happens during spring and affects ancient crops, it’s quite a pleasant surprise.

3: Witch Encounters

When you have a chicken coop of level 2 or higher, a witch may fly by and give you a void egg, saving you 5,000 gold. If you’ve already reached 100% completion, she might give you a golden egg instead. If you have a slime hutch, she could turn all your slimes into black slimes. To prevent this, place an evil statue.

4: Mysterious Capsules

A strange sound may be heard during the night, which is a common question among players. This event can only be triggered in the second year. The capsule is like a piece of furniture for decoration. After three days, the capsule will break, and the alien inside will have escaped, leaving an empty capsule behind. You might then spot a strange black shadow in town.

5: Owl Statues

If you hear an owl hooting at night, the next day you may find an owl statue on your farm. It doesn’t have any particular use, but it’s a free piece of furniture.

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6: Animal Attacks

This event took a while to confirm, as it was initially thought to be untriggerable. It seems that wolves can only carry away animals that haven’t grown up, while adult animals seem to be safe. This event can cause distress, as something happened during the previous night.

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