Unveiling the Secrets of Red Cabbage in Stardew Valley: A Comprehensive Guide

Stardew Valley is a game replete with charming elements that keep players engrossed. One such element is the various crops you can cultivate on your farm. Among these, Red Cabbage holds a particularly enigmatic aura, especially for newcomers. If you have found yourself curious about this mysterious vegetable, you’re in the right place. This guide will break down everything you need to know about Red Cabbage in Stardew Valley, from its significance to maximizing its profitability.

Red Cabbage stages
Red Cabbage crop in its various growth stages

What is Red Cabbage?

Red Cabbage is a summer crop that takes 9 days to mature. Although it may be mistaken for Spring’s common cabbage due to its leafy presentation, this crop is an entirely different entity. It has a seed cost of 100g and a basic selling price of 260g. With a daily revenue of 17.78g, it ranks in the upper-mid range among summer crops. However, it still falls short when compared to the summer superstar, Blueberries.

Growing Cycles and Profitability

When treated with Quality Fertilizer, Red Cabbage can be harvested up to four times in a month. If you opt for turning it into wine using a Keg, each bottle sells for 819g. One tile of land dedicated to Red Cabbage could yield a monthly profit of 2796g, slightly outperforming Autumn’s Pumpkin crop but only surpassing Starfruit wine by a mere 96g.

Red Cabbage in Keg and its wine bottle
Red Cabbage in Keg and its wine bottle

Community Preferences

In the Stardew Valley community, the love for vegetables is generally lukewarm. However, Red Cabbage can be used as a gift like any other crop, and most villagers are receptive to it. It doesn’t offer any exceptional benefits over Daffodils, but its versatility in cooking is commendable. It can be used in three different recipes, although these aren’t particularly profitable.

Fashion and Dyeing

Interestingly, Red Cabbage can be used as a purple dye for crafting. The Tailoring system allows you to create a Red-Purple Koala Vest, which, when dyed white, pairs excellently with basic Farmer Pants for an authentic farmer look.

Rarity and Acquisition

Here’s where Red Cabbage gets intriguing. It’s needed for the Dye Bundle on the Bulletin Board, yet Pierre doesn’t sell its seeds until the second summer of gameplay. This makes Red Cabbage one of the latest crops you can purchase seeds for in the game. The delay of two whole seasons makes a significant difference, especially when comparing profits between unlocking Ginger Island in winter and summer.

How to Acquire Seeds Early

  1. Pierre’s Shop: Available from Year 2 Summer.
  2. Traveling Cart: Red Cabbage and its seeds are occasionally available, but their occurrence is rather rare.
  3. Night Market: Check the Traveling Cart; it has the same inventory as Pierre’s shop.
  4. Skull Cavern Chests: Highly improbable as the odds are 1 in 702.
  5. Monster Drops: Mummies and Serpents have a 0.2% chance to drop seeds, but this is not a reliable method.

acquire Red Cabbage Seeds
acquire Red Cabbage Seeds

Special Tips

  • For the Traveling Cart, enabling the option for first-year completion ensures you’re likely to find Red Cabbage seeds within the first year.
  • Farming Serpents and Mummies after your first mining trip is a more reliable way to find seeds. Equip yourself with the Galaxy Sword and a magnet ring to increase your chances.


Red Cabbage might seem like an average crop in Stardew Valley at first glance. However, the game’s creator has imbued it with a special mission, making it crucial for completing certain bundles. Its late availability in-game makes acquiring seeds a tactical decision that can significantly impact your farm’s profits. By maximizing its use, from cooking to crafting, Red Cabbage proves to be a crop worth your attention.

This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the Red Cabbage’s role and potential in Stardew Valley. Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, go ahead and make the most out of this versatile crop!

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