Volcano Forge Enchantments: Stardew Tool Enchantments Guide

Hello, friends! The Volcano Forge not only provides enchantments for weapons but also for tools. Tool enchantments require one Prismatic Shard and twenty Cinder Shards and can be applied infinitely. Let’s discuss the enchantments for different tools, starting with the Axe.

Axe Enchantments

  1. Efficiency: This enchantment reduces energy consumption when using the axe. However, by the time you reach the Volcano stage, your energy is likely not a concern anymore, so this enchantment is not very useful.
  2. Power: It’s equivalent to leveling up the axe, but the effects are not very noticeable. With this enchantment, large stumps now require two hits instead of three, and regular trees still need two hits. In our opinion, the benefits are quite minimal.
  3. Wood Chips: Exclusive to the Axe, this enchantment increases the amount of wood obtained from chopping trees. After unlocking Ginger Island, the demand for wood and hardwood decreases, but this enchantment can be helpful if needed.
  4. Swiftness: This enchantment significantly speeds up your actions, making it look and feel more satisfying. The enchantments for the Pickaxe and Axe are similar, so if you decide to enchant them, choose Swiftness.

Pickaxe Enchantments

  1. Archaeologist: Doubles the chance of finding artifacts from worms. However, using the Quarry Mine and trading Omni Geodes for artifact troves might be a faster method, so it’s up to personal preference.
  2. Prosperity: 50% chance to double the drops from worms. Most of the drops from worms are not very valuable, so even a 100% increase would not be very attractive.
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Hoe Enchantments

  1. Range: Increases the tilling range to 5×5, which is useful if you want to plant crops at home. This range matches the area covered by an Iridium Sprinkler. Swiftness enchantment is actually faster, so it depends on your needs.

Watering Can Enchantments

  1. Bottomless: Provides an infinite water supply, which is quite useful to avoid forgetting to water your plants. The purple capacity bar also looks nice.

Fishing Rod Enchantments

  1. Auto-Hook: Automatically starts the mini-game when a fish bites the hook, saving you time by not needing to click manually. This is helpful if you still need to earn money from fishing.
  2. Durability: 50% chance to not consume bait or tackle. If you’re not fishing long-term, the consumption rate is low and not worth using an enchantment for.
  3. Mastery: Increases your fishing skill by one, making it easier to catch difficult fish and increasing the green bar in the mini-game. This enchantment is the most valuable among all tool enchantments and is useful when trying to collect Iridium fish.

In conclusion, tool enchantments are not as practical as weapon enchantments. Apart from Fishing Rod Mastery, most of them only provide minor benefits. However, when you have an abundance of Prismatic Shards, feel free to enchant your tools for some fun!

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