Where is the Glacierfish location in Stardew Valley Expanded?

The Stardew Valley Expanded mod is a suite of changes and additions to the base game that expands the map, adds new events and lore, and improves the quality of life. Glacierfish is a rare fish that can only be found in a specific location. Some players have had trouble finding the Glacierfish spot, but it is actually located in roughly the same place as in the base game. Just look for the crevice in the water below Andy’s farm.

This fish is elusive and can be hard to catch, but is worth it for the Master Angler achievement. If you have already purchased a Glacierfish from the Junimo huts, you will need to catch one yourself in order to complete the achievement.

The best time of day/year to fish for Glacierfish

Glacierfish   Builds a nest on the underside of glaciers
Needed for   gourmet chef achievement (cook Maki Roll, Sashimi), craft master achievement (make Quality Fertilizer)
Sells for   1875g
Sells to   shipping box, Willy
Recipes   Maki Roll: Fish +Rice + Seaweed ; Sashimi: Fish ;Quality Fertilizer: Fish + Sap x2
Spawn rules   (can only be caught once)min fishing level: 6, seasons: Winter, locations: forest river (south tip of large island)


Glacierfish are a type of fish that can be found in Stardew Valley. They require a fishing level of 6 to catch and can be found in the middle of the river. The best time of day to fish for them is during the daytime, and the only time of year to fish for them is during the winter. They are more active during the cold months and are more likely to spawn then. The best place to catch Glacierfish is under Andy’s farm, but they can also be found in other locations.

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What kind of bait/lure works best for Glacierfish

Try fishing in different areas, Cast your line out as far as possible. You must also use the right bait for the fish they are trying to catch.

Also, recommend trying to catch the fish on a lucky day.

Iridium Rod Use in the water to catch fish.

Curiosity Lure. Fishing Tackle. Increases your chance to catch rare fish.

Bait. Bait. Causes fish to bite foster. Must first be attached to a fishing rod.

Seafoam Pudding(+4 fishing). Cooking. This briny pudding will really get you into the maritime mindset!

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