Where is the Shearwater Bridge (SVE)

Stardew Valley’s Shearwater Bridge is a long stone bridge. It connects the Valley and Grampleton Fields, leading east to Grampleton, west to Pelican Town, and southwest to the Old Community Garden. Victor claims that the bridge was built forty years before the Farmer moved to Stardew Valley.

Location of Shearwater Bridge

Shearwater Bridge is a location in Stardew Valley. It can be accessed via two entrances: one above Clint’s blacksmith shop, and the second leading to a community field below the museum.

What is the benefit of accessing the Shearwater Bridge?

At fishing level 8, The Butterfish and Puppyfish spawns at Shearwater Bridge are a good source of early game money.Foraging: Each day, between one and three forageable items spawn at Shearwater Bridge. They do not last as long as original maps. The following items may appear: In the spring, look for wild horseradish, daffodil, leeks, dandelion, and common mushrooms. Spice Berry, Grape, Sweet Pea, Common Mushroom, and Red Mushroom in the summer Morel, Wild Plum, Blackberry, Hazelnut, Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Red Mushroom, Purple Mushroom are all available in the fall. Holly, Crystal Fruit, and Crocus Fish in the winter.

The Shearwater Bridge is also a location for artifact excavation. Chipped amphoras, arrowheads, ancient dolls, chewing sticks, ornamental fans, dinosaur eggs, and ancient seeds can all be found here.

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