Wilted Bouquet in Stardew Valley: The Emotional Reset Button

In the idyllic world of Stardew Valley, relationships are pivotal. A bouquet of flowers often symbolizes your intention to move beyond friendship and explore romantic possibilities with your favorite NPC. But what happens when you have second thoughts? Enter the Wilted Bouquet—a unique item in the game that offers you a route out of the complexities of virtual relationships. Let’s delve into this intriguing item, how to craft it, its pros and cons, and its overall impact on gameplay.

Wilted Bouquet and its crafting recipe
Wilted Bouquet and its crafting recipe

What Is a Wilted Bouquet?

The Wilted Bouquet is not your average gift item. Crafted from a regular bouquet and a lump of coal in a furnace, it serves a unique function. When presented to any or all marriage candidates you’re dating, it immediately ends the dating relationship and resets the friendship level to 5 hearts. The crafting process takes 10 minutes, and the Wilted Bouquet can be sold for 100g via the shipping box. However, it’s worth noting that Pierre will not buy them back.

How to Craft a Wilted Bouquet

Making a Wilted Bouquet is simple. You’ll need:

  • 1 Bouquet
  • 1 Coal
  • A Furnace

Where to Buy the Bouquet

Before you can craft a Wilted Bouquet, you’ll need to obtain a regular Bouquet. If you’re at the stage of dating an NPC, chances are you’re familiar with Pierre’s General Store, the one-stop shop for various goods in Stardew Valley. Pierre’s is also the place where you can buy a Bouquet to take your relationships to the next level.

Buy the Bouquet

The Bouquet is available for 200g and can be purchased once you have achieved an 8-heart friendship level with a marriage candidate. No other conditions need to be met, making it relatively simple to obtain.

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Place the bouquet and the coal into the furnace, and wait 10 minutes. That’s it! You now have an item capable of recalibrating your romantic endeavors.

the crafting process

To Gift or Not to Gift: Benefits and Consequences

Choosing to gift a Wilted Bouquet carries a weight of decision. On the one hand, you immediately get to end an ongoing relationship without the permanency of a divorce. This means you’re still free to talk, give gifts, and maintain a friendship with that NPC. Unlike divorce, the emotional aftermath is less clear—it’s ambiguous whether the NPC will feel the same level of resentment as they would after a divorce.

However, gifting the Wilted Bouquet isn’t without its risks. The friendship level drops to 5 hearts, and if you’re planning to offer multiple bouquets, carrying a rabbit’s foot is recommended to maintain good relationships. Given that the effects of the Wilted Bouquet on NPC emotions are still somewhat mysterious, taking precautions is advisable.

Special Uses: Crafting Darkness Suits and Cheats

Beyond its primary role, the Wilted Bouquet can be used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the Darkness Suit, adding a unique touch to your wardrobe.

Darkness Suit

Selling a Wilted Bouquet

Selling the Wilted Bouquet is a straightforward affair. Place it in the shipping box, and it will fetch you 100g. Don’t bother trying to sell it to Pierre, as he won’t be interested. This could be a way to regain some financial value if you’ve decided not to go down the path of breaking virtual hearts.


The Wilted Bouquet in Stardew Valley offers players a unique way to navigate the tricky terrain of in-game relationships. Whether you see it as an item of freedom or a symbol of lost love, its multi-faceted utility—from resetting relationships to crafting outfits—makes it a compelling element in the game’s emotional mechanics.

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Now, equipped with this newfound knowledge, the next move is yours. Will you dare to wither away a blossoming love, or will you reserve the Wilted Bouquet for a darker purpose? The choice is yours.

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