Achieving 100% Progress in Stardew Valley: A Deep Dive into Crafting Recipes and Materials

Stardew Valley is not just about farming; it’s also a game where crafting plays a pivotal role. To achieve 100% completion in the game, you need to craft all the recipes at least once. If you’ve gathered all the recipes, then the next thing is to understand the materials needed. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of crafting materials required to accomplish a 100% completion rate in the single-player mode.

The Numbers at a Glance

  • Total number of recipes: 130
  • Total recipes in single-player: 129 (Excludes Wedding Ring in co-op)
  • Total types of materials needed: 79

crafting recipes

Material Categories

Materials in Stardew Valley can be broadly classified into a few categories:

  1. Basic Materials: Wood, Stone, Fiber, Hardwood, Sap, Clay, Battery Pack, and three types of Resin.
  2. Ores and Bars: Coal, Copper, Iron, Gold, Iridium, and their corresponding bars, as well as special ores like Radioactive Ore and Prismatic Shard.
  3. Monster Drops: Slime, Bone Fragments, Solar Essence, Void Essence, Bat Wing, and Bug Meat.

Basic Materials


You will need a substantial amount of wood. Luckily, wood is easy to acquire. You can either chop down trees or buy it from Robin’s store.


Primary sources for stone are mining and exploding rocks in the mine. You can also purchase it from Robin if you’re short.


You’ll need 279 units of fiber for crafting. It’s abundant, and if you’re not focusing on tea bush strategies, the fiber you gather naturally will suffice.

Ores and Bars

Coal and Metals

Coal and metals like Copper, Iron, Gold, and Iridium are essential, especially for crafting machines and tools. The quantity needed is not extensive for achieving 100% crafting, but they are in high demand throughout gameplay.

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Special Ores

Prismatic Shard and Radioactive Ore are unique and should be collected when possible. The overall need for these is relatively low but save them for specific recipes.

Monster Drops

Monster drops like Slime, Bone Fragments, and Essences are generally abundant as you clear your monster-slaying goals. Keep them; they will come in handy for 100% crafting.

A ghost monster in the mines
Ghosts are the monsters that drop ectoplasm.

Less Frequent Materials

Besides the primary material categories, there are other materials that you may need in smaller quantities. These include:

  • Acorns, Maple Seeds, and Pine Cones for Field Snacks
  • Seasonal forage items for Wild Seeds
  • Various mushrooms for Life Elixir

You won’t need large quantities, so there’s no need to hoard these.

Crafting Tips

  1. Craft As You Go: When you unlock a new recipe, craft it immediately to avoid forgetting it.
  2. Secondary Crafting: Some items like Marble Torch or Farm Computer are rarely used after crafting once. Craft them anyway for 100% completion.
  3. Holiday Crafts: Don’t forget about holiday-specific crafts like Jack-O-Lantern or Tub of Flowers. Keep an eye on Pierre’s store for limited-time materials.

Conclusion: Courage for 100% Progress

Many players find that their completion rate is low when they first see the 100% progress tracker. Don’t worry; achieving 100% is easier in the later stages. Just keep crafting!

So there you have it. Follow these guidelines and get yourself ready for the satisfying journey toward 100% completion in Stardew Valley’s single-player mode. Happy farming and crafting!

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