Beginner’s Guide to Stardew Valley: Tips and Strategies for New Farmers

Are You Ready To Start A New Life On The Farm?

Stardew Valley is the perfect game for those looking to leave the city and start anew on the farm. This open-ended village farming game gives players the freedom to achieve their goals through various activities like farming, fishing, mining, and more. In this guide, we will take you through the ins and outs of Stardew Valley to help you become a successful farmer.

Character Creation

Before you start your farm, you must create your character. The character creation screen allows the user to select a character name, gender, appearance, farm name, and pet preferences. You have many options to choose from including gender, skin tones, hairstyles, T-shirts, accessories, animals, and their appearances. You can also set your favorite things, which affects the prompt when you eat the Star Fruit. Choose wisely!

Farm Map

Next, you will need to choose your farm map from seven different options. Each map has its own advantages and will help you refine a specific skill. For example, if you want to focus on farming, choose the standard farm. If you want to improve your fishing skills, go for the Riverland farm. The map you choose will also determine the furniture, wallpaper, and flooring in your farmhouse.


Now that you have set up your character and farm, it’s time to get started. The controls are simple and easy to use. You move your character with W, A, S, D and use tools with the left mouse button. You can open the menu with the space bar and use shortcuts for various actions.

First Harvest

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The first thing you need to do is remove wood and rocks from your farm, cut weeds and bushes, and clear out 15 plots. Use the hoe to plow the field and plant the 15 windbreak seeds provided by Mayor Lewis. Then, use the spray can to water the seeds and soil. Continue watering the crop until they mature. 4 days later, harvest the first wave of tumbleweed.

Spray Cans

In Stardew Valley, you need to water your crops daily. At first, the sprinkler can only water one plot at a time, but you can increase the watering area by asking Blacksmith Clint to upgrade it. You can also fill the sprinkler with water from the water source. Crops can survive another day without watering, but they will not grow on the day they are not watered. Upgrade your spray can before it rains or on the 27th day of the season.

Stamina Value

Stamina limits productivity, but you can eat food to help you gain stamina. Going to bed each night will also help you regain stamina. If you go to bed later than 12:00 AM, you will not regain 100% of your stamina. If a player feels tired and does not take steps to relieve the tiredness, or does not go to bed and fall asleep on the floor after 2:00 AM, the player will wake up the next day with only half of his maximum stamina.


Stardew Valley offers a wide range of skills that players can upgrade as they progress through the game. Each skill requires the player to perform a certain type of activity in order to gain experience points (XP).

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Skill Activity XP
Farming Harvesting crops +1
Foraging Collecting wild plants and cutting down trees +1
Mining Breaking rocks and mining ore +1
Fishing Catching fish or using crab cages +1

As players level up their skills, they gain new recipes that can be used to create useful items. For example, as players level up their farming skill, they can unlock new crops and equipment that will help them improve their farm’s productivity. Similarly, as players level up their foraging skill, they can learn how to identify and collect new plants that can be used for cooking or sold for profit.

At level 5 and level 10, players can choose a specialization that will provide them with additional bonuses in a particular branch of their skill tree. For example, players who specialize in farming can increase their crop yields, while those who specialize in fishing can catch higher-quality fish that sell for more at the market.

Villagers & Friendship

One of the key aspects of Stardew Valley is building relationships with the various villagers who live in the game’s community. Players can give gifts to villagers to increase their friendship level, which will unlock new dialogue options and interactive scenes.

As players become friends with a villager, they may receive recipes, gifts, or even help with their farm work. At higher friendship levels, players can even start a romantic relationship with certain characters and eventually get married.

Letters & TV

Players can receive letters and gifts from villagers and other NPCs through their mailbox, which is located outside their farmhouse. These letters can contain useful information or helpful items, and they can help players build stronger relationships with the game’s characters.

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In addition to letters, players can also watch TV to receive useful information such as weather forecasts and free cooking recipes. By checking the TV each day, players can learn important information about the game’s world and improve their gameplay.

Cheat Codes

For players who are looking for a little extra help, Stardew Valley includes a variety of cheat codes that can be used to obtain helpful items and other bonuses. These cheat codes can be entered using either the player’s name or by renaming an animal on the farm, and they can be used to obtain rare items or other useful bonuses.

While cheat codes can make the game easier, they can also take away some of the challenge and fun of the game. As such, players are encouraged to use cheat codes sparingly and only when they are truly stuck or need a boost.


Like any game, Stardew Valley has its share of bugs and glitches that can impact gameplay. One well-known bug in the game’s co-op mode is that two players can receive one extra item if they recycle an item at the same time. While this bug can be helpful in certain situations, it can also disrupt the game’s balance and lead to unintended consequences.

Overall, Stardew Valley is a charming and engaging farming game that offers a wide range of activities and gameplay options for players to explore. By mastering skills, building relationships, and exploring the game’s world, players can create a thriving farm and community that will keep them engaged for hours on end.

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