Crafting Index: A Comprehensive Guide to All Recipes in Stardew Valley

Achieving 100% completion in Stardew Valley is a significant challenge, especially when it comes to crafting all available items, including hidden recipes. In this guide, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all craftable items for those interested in reaching this milestone.

Crafting Index

In single-player mode, there are 129 recipes, while multiplayer mode adds one more for the wedding ring. To achieve completion, not only do you need to collect all recipes, but you must also craft at least one item from each recipe. We recommend enabling “Show Advanced Crafting Information” in the settings so that you can easily track your crafting progress and find the items you haven’t crafted yet, making it easier to attain the achievement.

A screenshot of the crafting menu in Stardew Valley
Crafting menu in Stardew Valley

Recipe Acquisition

At the beginning of the game, you start with ten recipes that you can craft right away. Additionally, there are 65 recipes that become available as you level up your skills:

  • 21 for farming
  • 14 for foraging
  • 8 for mining
  • 11 for fishing
  • 11 for combat.

To collect these recipes, you simply need to increase your skill levels accordingly.

In the game, you may also find recipes available for purchase in various shops. Robin’s shop offers the most recipes, with 19 in total, primarily consisting of flooring and torches. Collecting these recipes is fairly straightforward: simply buy them when you have enough funds. If there are no recipes to unlock, exit the shop and re-enter to refresh the inventory.

A screenshot of Robin's shop in Stardew Valley
Robin’s shop in Stardew Valley

One of Robin’s recipes, the Cask, becomes available after upgrading your house for the third time and unlocking the cellar.

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Pierre offers three recipes for sale: grass starter, a bouquet, and a Jack-O-Lantern. The grass starter can be purchased at any time, but the bouquet and Jack-O-Lantern are only available during the Flower Dance Festival on the 24th of Spring and the Spirit’s Eve Festival on the 27th of Fall, respectively. Be sure to buy them when you see them, as missing these opportunities means waiting for another year.

A screenshot of Pierre's shop in Stardew Valley
Pierre’s shop in Stardew Valley

The content from other shops in the game can be quite diverse. For example, the Dwarf, Krobus, the Traveling Cart, and the Desert Trader can be accessed and their recipes purchased as you progress through the game. The wedding ring recipe is particularly unique, as multiplayer players need to acquire this recipe as well.

The final shop is Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room, where the recipes can only be unlocked in the late game. To unlock these recipes, you need to first complete special quests on the left side of the Walnut Room to earn Qi Gems. Afterward, you can head to the shop on the right side and buy the corresponding recipes. The radioactive ores required for some of these recipes can only be obtained during Mr. Qi’s special quests, “Danger in the Deep” and “Skull Cavern Invasion.” Keep an eye out for these ores during the quests. If you’re unsure about how to complete Mr. Qi’s quests, you can refer to our detailed guide.

A screenshot of Mr. Qi's Walnut Room in Stardew Valley
Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room in Stardew Valley

In addition, there are some NPC events, such as eight heart events. With the exception of the final event involving Evelyn, which requires unlocking the greenhouse, the others can be triggered by increasing your friendship with the respective NPCs.

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On the second day of Fall in the first year, you’ll unlock the Special Order Board, which offers special quests that, upon completion, unlock some recipes. In total, there are nine recipes to be unlocked this way. The Special Order Board refreshes every Monday, so be sure to check it regularly and prioritize quests that unlock recipes.

A screenshot of the Special Order Board in Stardew Valley
Special Order Board in Stardew Valley

Lastly, there are four remaining events. First, obtain the Ancient Seed and donate it to Gunther’s Museum to unlock the recipe. Second, to acquire the Deluxe Scarecrow recipe, collect all the Rarecrows; you can refer to our guide for assistance.

A screenshot of the Rarecrows in Stardew Valley
Rarecrows in Stardew Valley

Third, to trigger the Pirate’s Wife quest, unlock Ginger Island and speak with the old lady on the left. Follow the sequence shown in the below to complete the quest and unlock the recipe.

• Give the War Memento to Kent
• Give the Gourmet Tomato Salt to Gus
• Give the Stardew Valley Rose to Sandy
• Give the Advanced TV Remote to George
• Give the Frozen Tear to the Wizard
• Give the Wriggling Worm to Willy
• Give the Pirate’s Locket to Abigail

A screenshot of Ginger Island in Stardew Valley
Ginger Island in Stardew Valley

The final recipe, the Ostrich Incubator, is challenging to acquire and can only be obtained after completing the Ginger Island Field Office collection. For more information, refer to our ostrich guide.

A screenshot of the Ostrich Incubator in Stardew Valley
Ostrich Incubator in Stardew Valley

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily achieve 100% completion in Stardew Valley. Good luck and happy crafting!

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