Exploring Vincent’s Character in Stardew Valley Expanded

Today you will learn everything important about this little fella you can see wandering around the Pelican town with Jas and Penny. By the end of the post, you’ll know everything about him, his relationships with other characters, his schedule, what gifts he likes, and which events you can get.

Who is Vincent?

Illustration of Vincent from Stardew Valley
Meet Vincent, one of the unique characters in Stardew Valley


Vincent is an energetic and passionate boy born on the 11th day of Spring. He lives with his parents Jodi and Kent, and older brother Sam, in the southern part of Pelican Town next to Emily and Haley.

Vincent in Stardew Valley Expanded

The expansion mod brings a new event with Vincent, which you will receive once you earn five hearts with him. Unfortunately, Vincent didn’t acquire anything more special in this expansion, and his character is still the same as in the vanilla game.

How to improve the relationship with Vincent

Just talk with him a few times a week, and make sure to bring him two gifts during the week, and especially don’t forget to give him a birthday gift on Spring 11th.

Besides Universal Love gifts, Vincent:

  • Loves Cranberry Candy, Ginger Ale ( it’s a non-alcoholic ale, don’t worry), Grapes, Pink Cake, and Snails. As for Stardew Expanded gifts, Vincent simply loves Frogs that you can find on the Mountain during Spring and Summer.
  • Likes Coconut, Daffodil, and Big Bark Burger from Stardew Valley Expanded.

On the other hand Vicent absolutely Dispies all eggs, and all veggies except Hops, Tea Leaves, Wheat, and all fruits besides the already mentioned Grapes and Coconut and Fruit Tree Fruit. He also hates Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Magma Cap, Purple Mushroom, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Holly, Leek, Morel, Quartz, Snow Yam, and Winter Root.

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Where to find Vincent?

Here is Vincent’s schedule. Keep in mind that he will visit the Beach Resort on Ginger Island and be there until 6 PM.

Note: place option to expand to see the tables as they take too much space

Monday, Thursday, and Sunday

9:00 AM Wakes up.
11:00 AM Plays inside his house.
2:00 PM Heads to the town square.
5:00 PM Goes back home after chilling at the town square.
7:00 PM Plays inside his home again
10:00 PM Goes to sleep.


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

9:00 AM Heads to the museum to be tutored by Penny.
2:00 PM Leaves the museum and heads back to the town.
4:20 PM Walks around the town.
5:40 PM Goes back home.
10:00 PM Goes to bed.



10:10 AM Leaves his house and heads to the town.
12:00 PM Heads to the town square.
5:00 PM Leaves the square and wanders around the town again.
10:00 PM Goes back home to sleep.



9:00 AM Wakes up.
11:00 PM Goes to bed after playing for a whole day.


9:00 AM Wakes up.
11:00 AM Plays inside his home.
1:40 PM Heads to the beach.
7:00 PM Goes back home.
11:00 PM Goes to bed.


Spring 11 a.k.a The day when Vincent goes to visit Harvey the doctor

9:00 AM Wakes up knowing what awaits him.
11:30 AM Heads to the clinic.
1:30 PM Checkup at the clinic.
4:00 PM Leaves the clinic and goes back home where he plays.
10:00 PM Goes to bed.
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Winter 16 a.k.a The Night Market

9:00 AM Wakes up.
11:00 AM Plays inside his house.
2:00 PM Leaves his house and heads to the town square.
4:30 PM Visits the Night Market.
11:30 PM Goes to bed.


Heart Events

In the vanilla game, there is only one heart event with Vincent that you can get. However, as I mentioned earlier, Stardew Expanded brings a new event with Vincent that you’ll get after reaching five hearts friendship. I won’t spoil it, but know that the event has a few requirements.

  • You must be at least in your 2nd year
  • It happens only during summer between 12:00 AM and 5:00 PM
  • You must visit the beach because you know, Vincent loves beaches

As for the original eight heart event, besides being good friends with Vincent, you’ll need eight hearts with Jas also, and it has following requirements:

  • You need to enter the Cindersnap forest during Spring during 6:00 AM and 5:00 PM
  • It must be a sunny day

Quests given by Vincent

There aren’t any quests given by Vincent, nor does he has delivery requests. However, he appears in one of Jodi’s quests.

Vincent’s Relationships with Other Characters

He admires his older brother Sam and wants to become like him when he grows up, he doesn’t see any of his flaws, and in his eyes, Sam is perfect.

His best friend is Jas, and they are often seen happily playing together without a care in the world.

As Pelican Town doesn’t have a school, Penny tutors Vincent and Jas at the museum during the afternoon. Vincent is not very good when it comes to studying, and in Vincent’s house, you can find Penny’s report card in which she states that he could study more.

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Screenshot of Vincent, Jas, and Penny playing at the museum
Vincent, Jas, and Penny having fun at the museum in Stardew Valley


Also, from time to time, Penny takes them outside to play, and they even spend time together during festivals.

Penny’s report card
Penny’s report card


Vincent claims that he wants to marry Penny when he grows up, and he even keeps saying that if she is married to the player. Also, if you become good friends with Sam and Penny and if you talk to them frequently, you will get hints from dialogues that the two of them fancy each other, so Vincent has some serious competition.


So now you are ready to become friends with this interesting and unique character, and if you want to marry Penny, hope that he won’t grow up someday and battle you for her hand.

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