How to get to Ginger Island in stardew valley expanded

Ginger Island is a small, isolated island in Stardew Valley. To access Ginger Island, you must first finish all of the community bundles in the community center. After that, Willy will send you a letter inviting you to come to check out something behind his shop.

5 battery packs, 200 pieces of hardwood, and 5 iridium bars are required. Return to Willie’s shop once you’ve gathered all of these items, and he’ll handle the rest.

Willie will write you a letter the next day informing you that the boat is functioning. His shop will also open at 8 a.m., allowing you to get an early start on your day.

You should first go to the shrine on the island. There is a character there who will give you a quest. Once you complete the quest, you will be able to access Ginger Island from the Wizard’s Tower.

You can explore the island and find some treasure, but that’s about it. Some people have been disappointed with Ginger Island, as they were expecting something more. However, it’s still a fun place to explore and see something new in Stardew Valley.

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