How To Get The Club Card In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a game replete with charming characters, endless farm management possibilities, and secret unlockables. One such secret is the elusive Club Card, an item shrouded in mystery and player speculation. It grants you entry to the Casino, but many players are stumped on how to actually acquire it. We delve deep into how to obtain the Club Card, the mysteries surrounding it, and what you can do once you have it.

Club Card

The “Mysterious Qi” Quest: Your Key to the Club Card

The first and foremost requirement for obtaining the Club Card is to complete the “Mysterious Qi” quest. It’s the opening gate to an expansive quest line that eventually leads to the Club Card. But wait, it’s not always smooth sailing.

Players have reported several bumps along the road to the Club Card. Some found a letter with 10,000g in the mail but no Club Card, while others couldn’t get it even after interacting with the lumber pile outside their upgraded houses. The letter with 10,000g is a red herring; it’s activated by reaching the 25th floor of the Skull Cavern and isn’t related to the Club Card at all.

secret note 22

To kick off this quest line, you may optionally find Secret Note 22. For a more detailed, step-by-step guide on starting the quest, please refer to our other articles”Discover the Secret in the Dark Tunnel: Stardew Valley’s Casino Quest“.

The Lumber Pile Mystery

Other players have reported an inability to obtain the Club Card even after interacting with the lumber pile outside their upgraded house. To move forward in your quest line, you must inspect this woodpile, regardless of your house’s upgrade level. If you face issues, restarting the game might be the key to resolution. This has solved the problem for a handful of players.

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Functionality: What Does the Club Card Do?

Once you have the Club Card in your possession, it finds its place in your wallet on the Skills tab. But what exactly does this card do? It serves as your golden ticket to bypass the bouncer at the Oasis shop and enter the Casino. There you can play games and win exclusive items.

In Summary

Navigating the winding quest line for the Club Card can be confusing, but it’s rewarding for those who manage to see it through. Feed the sand dragon, head to Sandy’s shop, and don’t forget that woodpile. Once you have the Club Card, the Casino and its mini-games await you.

Tip: Here is a video walkthrough for obtaining the Club Card.

Whether you’re new to Stardew Valley or a seasoned farmer, the Club Card is a worthy addition to your game. So go out there, solve the Mysterious Qi quest, and enjoy all that Stardew Valley has to offer!

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