How to get the kitty fish in SVE(stardew valley expanded)

Getting the kittyfish in Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) can be a very tricky and frustrating task. The kittyfish is a rare fish that is added to the game with the SVE mod, and is needed to complete the Master Angler achievement.

To catch the kittyfish, you must have seen the event with Camilla in the forest west during any season other than winter,(In Apple’s introduction event, the player meets Camilla in the forest. She explains that a Junimo is living in the basement of the Aurora Vineyard, and that it is requesting 200 Starfruits from the player. She then disappears as quickly as she came. Magnus is left dumbfounded, and admits that you have a special connection with the Junimos. He wonders if this is related to the work you have been doing with the Community Center.) and have achieved Willy’s fourth event in SVE. Willy’s event 4 occurs on the farm during spring or summer from 10am-6pm if you have attained a fishing skill level of 8 or above.

unlock the kittyfish

When you enter Shearwater Bridge, Camilla will be there and will cast a spell to summon the kittyfish. This event may not always trigger, but if it does, the kittyfish will spawn in the area. It is important to note that the kittyfish is a rare spawn, so it may take many tries before you catch one. Additionally, there was a bug with the kittyfish that was hotfixed recently, so it is important to make sure your SVE mod and Stardew Valley game are up to date.

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Once you have completed these requirements, you will still have to wait for the kittyfish to spawn. The kittyfish can only be found in Shearwater Bridge during fall and winter, which can be difficult to check with the in game clock. It is recommended to get a mod called Lookup Anything so you can confirm the time and location of the fish you are trying to catch.



A magical fish summoned by Camilla. It likes scratches under the chin.

Needed for:

gourmet chef achievement (cook Maki Roll, Sashimi), craft master achievement

(make Quality Fertilizer)

Likes this:

Abigail, Wizard



Maki Roll: Fish + Rice +  Seaweed

Sashimi: Fish


Quality Fertilizer: Fish + Sap x2


Fishing Hat: Cloth + kittyfish

Fish pond drops:

23 to 95% chance each day of producing the first matched item:

With 10 fish:

10% chance of Cloth (1 to 3)

With 5 fish:

25% chance of Wool (1 to 3)

O With 1 fish:

100% chance of Roe

In conclusion, it may take a lot of work, patience, and luck to finally get the kittyfish. However, if you follow the steps above, you should eventually be able to get the kittyfish and complete the Master Angler achievement.

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