How To Unlocking the Monster Shop In Tears of the Kingdom

To unlock the Monster Shop, head to the northeast of the Lookout Landing on the map, near the Woodland Stable by the Pico Pond. Speak with Kiltion here to receive a quest to find a Bubbul Gem. You can conveniently grab a Bubbul Gem from a nearby cave.

Then giving Koltiin the Bubbul Gem, to receive the Bokoblin Mask. Continue speaking with Kiltion, who will direct you to Tarrey Town, located in the northeastern Akkala region. You can teleport to the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower and glide over to Tarrey Town.

Once in Tarrey Town, you can find Kiltion at this location(3962,1642,0128). He will inform you that his brother, Koltiin, is on a hill next to the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. Teleport back to the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower, and you will find Koltiin at this location(3662,2064,0168). Note that Koltiin only appears at night.

After you have collected enough Bubbul Gems using the Mountain God marking method, you can exchange them for equipment here. The order of equipment exchange may be random, with the rule being First:equipment, Second: material, and then: equipment. The number of Bubbul Gems required for exchange increases to three for the third exchange and continues to increase for subsequent exchanges.

Masks offer stealth abilities against different monsters. Wearing the corresponding mask makes it harder for monsters to detect you. The fairy set’s(Mystic Robe) effect is that rupees will decrease instead of health when attacked, hence it’s also known as the “Rich Set”.

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