Navigating Time and Distance in Stardew Valley: A Comprehensive Guide

In the pixelated world of Stardew Valley, time is of the essence. As a farmer juggling tasks ranging from crop maintenance to monster slaying, efficiently managing your in-game time is crucial. This guide delves into the intricacies of how long it takes to get from point A to point B in this beloved farming simulator. Our aim is to provide you with a detailed understanding of travel times across various routes, so you can maximize your productivity and never miss the clock!

The Accuracy of In-Game Time Measurement

Previously, we’ve relied on the game’s time display, which maxes out at a 10-minute interval. However, some players have expressed concerns about its accuracy. To address this, we used a mod called “RunningLate” for our tests. This mod provides time down to the single-digit minute, offering a more accurate gauge for our study.

RunningLate mod


The routes we tested remained consistent with our previous study, with less useful ones omitted. The time starts when exiting the farmhouse at 6:00 AM and concludes upon reaching various destinations. Each test was conducted using the default speed, without any interactions like foraging or digging up worms.

Pierre’s General Store: The Starting Point

The first place most farmers frequent is Pierre’s General Store, a 26-minute run from the farmhouse. If you make pit stops for foraging or to dig up worms, add approximately 10 to 15 minutes to your journey.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Close proximity, a wide variety of goods.
  • Pros: Counter close to the entrance.

JojaMart: The Corporate Alternative

The journey from the farmhouse to JojaMart takes 41 minutes, 15 minutes longer than to Pierre’s store. However, the counter is closer to the entrance, shaving off about a minute.

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Pros and Cons

  • Cons: Cannot sell items here.
  • Cons: Longer distance.

Blacksmith: Forging Ahead

Heading to the Blacksmith from the farmhouse takes about 48 minutes via the northern route. Interestingly, taking the longer-looking southern route only adds 2 minutes, and gives you an opportunity to check a few extra trash cans.

Time-Sensitive Alert

The Blacksmith closes at 4:00 PM. If you also plan to visit the Mines on the same day, make sure to leave by 3:00 PM to reach both in time.

Mines: Digging into Timing

The travel time from the Blacksmith to the Mines also clocks in at 50 minutes. Factor in a 2-hour round trip if you’re planning on visiting both locations.

From Mines to Home: Timing Your Return

The return journey from the Mines to your farmhouse will take approximately 47 minutes. This means you can safely begin your trek back home with about an hour left on the clock and even have time to sell a few items.

Travel to the Beach

Depending on your route, reaching the beach can take anywhere from 40 to 52 minutes. Using the minecart post-unlock can reduce this to 34 minutes, while riding a horse shaves off another 2 minutes, although the latter requires more precise control.

Pro Tip

If you’re heading to Willy’s Fish Shop, factor in an additional 12 minutes from the beach entrance.

Other Noteworthy Locations

Secret Woods: 40 Minutes

Perfect for hardwood gathering, though the time can vary based on obstructions.

Traveling Cart: 31 Minutes

Selling unique items every week, a round trip will take just over an hour.

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Robin’s Carpentry Shop: 32–33 Minutes

Choosing between walking or using the minecart depends on your starting point.

Wizard’s Tower: 49–57 Minutes

Two routes can be taken: either direct or via the Witch’s Swamp.

Sewer: 43 Minutes to Krobus

This route surprisingly takes longer than most other destinations.


With this comprehensive guide, you now have the knowledge to effectively navigate Stardew Valley. Whether you’re planting parsnips or delving into the mines, this data should help you optimize your daily routine.

So next time you’re planning a day of fishing or dungeon-crawling, refer back to this guide. After all, in Stardew Valley, every minute counts!

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