Stardew Valley: All About Salmonberries – Harvesting and Uses

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game that offers an array of activities, from tending crops to fishing, mining, and even socializing with the townspeople. One often-overlooked feature in this complex world is the role of foraging, and particularly, the humble Salmonberry. Although often dismissed as worthless, Salmonberries have their place in the farming ecosystem. This article aims to shed light on how to obtain Salmonberries, the benefits of foraging, and its various uses in the game.


Methods of Obtaining Salmonberries

Bat Cave

Choosing the Bat Cave as one of your farm buildings provides an avenue to obtain Salmonberries of different qualities – basic, silver-star, and gold-star. The quality of the berries is influenced by your foraging level. For those interested in acquiring higher quality Salmonberries, the Bat Cave is the place to go.

Inside view of the Fruit Bat Cave in Stardew Valley
The Fruit Bat Cave is dark and has bats that leave fruits

Bushes in Spring

Between Spring 15th to Spring 18th, you can also harvest Salmonberries from bushes scattered throughout different maps. However, unlike the Bat Cave, these berries will only be of basic quality and you won’t gain any foraging experience from picking them.

Bushes in Spring

Foraging Experience and Levels

The amount you can harvest is also influenced by your foraging level. At Level 4, you can pick two berries at once, and at Level 8, you can harvest three. If you consume food that boosts your foraging level, you can even pick four berries at Level 12. After reaching Level 10 in foraging and choosing the Botanist skill, all foraged items, including Salmonberries from either the Bat Cave or bushes, will be of iridium quality.

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Uses of Salmonberries

Consuming for Energy

Salmonberries are primarily used for consumption as they do not sell for much. A basic Salmonberry sells for just 5 gold and even an iridium-star quality berry sells for only 10 gold. Comparatively, the foraged items you can pick up randomly from the ground are generally more valuable.

Crafting into Artisan Goods

Though some players might suggest turning them into wine or jam, it’s not the best strategy for making money. Salmonberry wine sells for only 21 gold even when you have the Artisan skill. Turning them into jam is slightly more lucrative, selling for 84 gold due to a 50 gold bonus.

Gifts for Townspeople

The berries can also serve as gifts for certain Stardew Valley residents like Jodi, Leah, Linus, Pam, Robin, Kent, Sandy, and Shane. However, remember that not everyone likes or appreciates them, so be cautious while gifting.

various townspeople who like Salmonberries
various townspeople who like Salmonberries

Sacrifices and Special Events

Salmonberries can also be used in special offerings. For example, you can brew them into wine for a cheaper option during offerings. They can also be utilized in the Community Center for the Spring Foraging Bundle. In certain events, like the Spring Festival, you could potentially offer up to 50 Salmonberries for rewards.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

The primary use of Salmonberries is as a cheap source of energy. If you were to sell 100 Salmonberries, you’d only make 500 gold. However, consuming these berries provides 2500 points of energy, equivalent to 22 salads which would cost around 4840 gold in the shop. This is a more time-efficient way to gain energy, especially if you have other ways to generate income.

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To Forage or Not to Forage?

Considering Locations and Timings

Salmonberry bushes are abundant in various maps including your farm, bus stop, and near Robin’s house, among other places. The quantity of bushes varies depending on the type of farm you chose, with forests and beach farms generally having more. By Spring 18th, you’ll find approximately 120–140 bushes if you consider all the available areas.

Theoretical Yields

Based on these numbers and a 20% chance of a bush producing a Salmonberry each night, you can theoretically gather 112 berries in four days. If you wait until the 18th to start picking, you could collect around 83 in four days. However, these numbers can vary significantly based on your foraging level.

Efficient Strategies

In my personal experience, a well-planned foraging route can be completed in about 14 in-game hours. By targeting areas with dense bush populations like the Secret Woods, your efficiency will increase. Assuming a foraging level of 4, you could potentially earn 12,752 gold in energy value within half a day, making it a worthwhile endeavor.

Concluding Thoughts

Salmonberries may not make you rich, but they offer a wealth of opportunities for smart resource management and social interactions. Remember, sometimes in Stardew Valley, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference in your farming life.

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