Stardew Valley lost sword: How to recover or replace it in 5 easy ways

Hello, friends! Today, we’ll discuss what to do when you lose your weapon in the early stages of Stardew Valley.

Getting Started in the Mines

After Spring 5, you can start mining. Upon entering the mine, you’ll trigger Marlon’s cutscene and receive a Rusty Sword. This sword has very low attack power, requiring more than ten hits to defeat a Green Slime and making it quite difficult to deal with bugs. However, you’ll have to rely on it in the early game. But what if you die before reaching level 20 and accidentally lose your Rusty Sword?

Option 1 – Use Your Scythe

You can continue mining with your Scythe, which has half the attack power of the Rusty Sword. Although it attacks faster, defeating monsters will be very difficult. If you encounter multiple bugs, running away might be your best option. Persist until you reach the level 20 treasure chest, where you’ll find a Steel Small Sword to replace your lost weapon. However, this method might be too difficult for beginners who die before level 20.

Option 2 – Purchase a Weapon at the Adventurer’s Guild

The Adventurer’s Guild, located to the right of the mine, only allows entry after completing the “Initiation” quest. To receive this quest, you must first reach level 5 in the mine and receive Marlon’s letter the next day. The quest requires you to kill ten Slimes. However, only Green Slimes count towards the total. If you’re proficient in using the Scythe, you can master the technique of defeating Slimes. After completing the quest, you can enter the Adventurer’s Guild and buy weapons from Marlon. Initially, only a Wooden Sword is available, but more weapons will be added as you progress in the game.

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Option 3 – Recover Lost Items at the Adventurer’s Guild

Speak with Marlon at the Adventurer’s Guild, and he’ll offer an item recovery service. This service displays all items lost during your last death, along with their prices. Note that you can only recover one item, so choose wisely.

Option 4 – Complete Monster Slayer Goals at the Adventurer’s Guild

Speak with Gil, who can be found sitting in a rocking chair at the Adventurer’s Guild. He’ll tell you to return when you have something that will impress him. Interact with the question mark on the wall to reveal the Monster Slayer Goals, which involve protecting the safety of Stardew Valley by killing specific monsters. As you reach the required number of kills for each goal, speak with Gil to receive rewards, such as the Insect Head Sword for killing 125 cave insects.

Option 5 – Fish for Treasure Chests

Once you reach Fishing Level 2, you can find weapons in treasure chests. The Neptune’s Glaive and Broken Trident are excellent early-game weapons with high attack power. However, this method relies on luck, and it’s not practical to fish specifically for weapons.

In conclusion, while these methods can be tedious, if you haven’t obtained anything valuable when you die, reloading your save might be the most convenient option.

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