Stardew Valley Tiles: Your Guide to Flooring Choices

Navigating the lush landscapes of Stardew Valley often leaves players wishing for more than just dirt paths. The solution? Tiles, or flooring options, that bring both form and function to your farm. Let’s zero in on the Stone Floor tiles, among other varieties, and explore how they enrich the Stardew Valley experience.

Want to Know More About Outdoor Flooring?

If you’re particularly interested in diving deeper into the nuances of outdoor flooring options in Stardew Valley, we have another article focused exclusively on that topic. This guide primarily concentrates on indoor flooring choices and their impact on your Stardew Valley experience. For a thorough exploration of outdoor flooring, please check out our dedicated article on outdoor flooring options.

Visual Differences


Indoor floors come in various styles and patterns, such as rustic wooden planks, modern tiles, or even plush carpets. They’re designed to suit the various interior furnishings and wallpapers you might choose.


Outdoor floors usually have a more rugged look, matching the natural surroundings of your farm. Options include pathways, cobblestone, gravel, and more.

Functional Differences


Indoor floors serve mainly aesthetic purposes. They don’t have functional benefits but can add to the overall vibe of your indoor spaces. They don’t interact with outdoor elements, so there’s no worry about durability based on weather conditions.


Outdoor floors have more functional aspects. For instance, certain pathways can speed up your movement. Also, having a specific type of flooring can prevent weeds and other unwanted elements from taking over your land.

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Durability and Maintenance


Indoor floors generally last forever, requiring no maintenance. Once you place them, they’re good to go unless you decide to replace them.


Some outdoor floors may degrade over time, requiring occasional maintenance. For example, Wooden Paths decay and turn into untilled soil, requiring you to replace them.

Cost and Availability


Indoor floors can be relatively inexpensive, starting at around 100g for the simplest options. However, special designs unlocked later in the game can cost significantly more.


Outdoor floors tend to be more cost-effective, especially if you craft them yourself. Some paths, like the Crystal Path, require advanced materials, making them more expensive.

What Are Stardew Valley Tiles(In Room)?

Tiles in Stardew Valley, also known as flooring, range from Stone Floor tiles to wooden planks and everything in between. You can purchase Stone Floor tiles from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop for 100g, offering a rustic aesthetic to your farm layout.

Stardew Valley Tiles

How to Obtain Tiles

Tiles are widely available, but there are several ways to acquire them:

  1. Robin’s Carpenter Shop: For the Stone Floor tiles, this is your go-to place where you can get them for 100g.
  2. Pierre’s General Store or JojaMart: A rotating selection is available daily for 100g at Pierre’s and 250g at JojaMart.
  3. The Catalogue: A premium option, costing 30,000g but providing an unlimited array of free tiles.
Robin’s Carpenter Shop
Robin’s Carpenter Shop
Pierre’s General Store or JojaMart
Pierre’s General Store or JojaMart

Spotlight: The Catalogue

The Catalogue is a unique furniture item sold at Pierre’s General Store for a hefty sum of 30,000g. While it might sound like a splurge, this piece is an investment in endless customization. Place it in your home, and you’ll get free, unlimited access to all available tiles (and wallpapers). The Catalogue never rotates its stock, so you can pick and choose tiles to your heart’s content, making it ideal for players who love to regularly change up their farm’s look.

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The Catalogue
The Catalogue

Installing Stardew Valley Tiles

Laying down tiles is straightforward. Open your inventory, select your chosen tile, and click on the spot where you want to place it. The tile will cover the room or area you’re standing in, making it a seamless addition to your farm.

Removing Tiles

Decided you want a change or made a mistake? No worries! Removing tiles is as easy as installing them. Just right-click on the tile you want to remove. If you’re on a console, use the corresponding action button. The tile will be replaced by the previous ground or flooring. However, be aware that tiles are one-time use items; once removed, they cannot be reclaimed.

Caring for Your Stardew Valley Tiles

Maintenance? What maintenance? Stardew Valley tiles require zero upkeep. Once installed, they remain intact indefinitely, so you can enjoy their benefits without worry.

Explore Design Examples for Inspiration

Ready to turn your Stardew Valley space into a haven that reflects your personal style? Sometimes, the best way to decide on your flooring choices is to see them in action. In the this section, we’ve curated a series of design examples to showcase how different indoor flooring options can transform the look and feel of your home. From the rustic charm of wooden floors to the clean lines of modern tiles, these examples will provide you with plenty of inspiration for your own Stardew Valley projects.

stardew valley interior design

stardew valley interior design2

stardew valley interior design3

stardew valley interior design4

stardew valley interior design5

stardew valley interior design6

stardew valley interior design7

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do tiles wear out over time?
    • No, tiles do not have a durability factor.
  • Can tiles affect crop growth?
    • No, tiles are purely aesthetic.

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