Why Are My Chickens Grumpy In Stardew Valley: Tips To Keep Them Happy

There are different animals in Stardew Valley such as chickens, cats, dogs, etc. Chickens are usually the first animals to rear or take care of in Stardew Valley. Chickens are simple animals when they are happy and you have a lot to do towards their well-being. When your chickens are well taken care of, they produce quality eggs for you daily. Eggs serve different purposes. You can use it as food when exploring the mines in Stardew Valley. They can also be used to produce mayonnaise or hatched to produce more pets. So, chickens are of great importance. In this article, you will know the tips involved in keeping them happy and things to avoid so they will not be grumpy.

Reasons Why Chickens Become Grumpy in Stardew Valley

There are different reasons why your chickens can become grumpy in Stardew Valley. Some of the reasons are:

  • Lack of food and Water
    • If there is anything to keep in mind, it is knowing that chickens are generally happy in Stardew Valley when you feed them with food and water. Chickens feed on hay so you must provide them daily with enough hay. Without hay, your chickens will be grumpy and when they are grumpy, they can produce eggs for you each day.
  • Lack of attention and care
    • Small things matter a lot when taking care of chickens in Stardew Valley. When you fail to give your chicken attention by avoiding talking to them every day, they will become grumpy. On the other hand, your chicken will be happy and show a heart symbol when you care and pay attention to them by communicating with them daily. To do this, regularly click on the chicken.
  • Inadequate living conditions
    • Every animal on your farm needs the best living conditions to be happy and grow better. If you fail to provide a good living structure for chickens like a coop, it will affect their mood and general well-being. When they lack water, grass, and hay which contribute greatly to their living conditions, they will be grumpy and won’t produce high-quality eggs.
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How to Feed Chickens in Stardew Valley – The role of hay and grass

Feeding your chickens is a must if their happiness must increase. As stated before, it is only when they are happy, they can produce eggs for you. Chickens love hay and grass and these chicken foods have great roles. While they love these foods, you must ensure there is a constant supply of both hay and grass. As you read on, you will find out how to do that.

  • Hay
    • You need to have enough hay to feed your chickens if they are to continue producing eggs for you. Having some hay saved during winter is very important especially when you don’t have grass to feed your chicken. There are two major ways of obtaining hay in Stardew Valley. You can simply buy it from Marnie’s Ranch which is located on the northeast side of Cindersap Forest. Marnie’s Ranch opens daily from 9 am – 4 pm except Winter 18, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fall 18. To buy a piece of hay, you need 50 gold. You can also obtain hay by going to the Carpenter’s shop. Ask Robin, the Carpenter, to build a silo for you and store your hay there. For Robin to build a silo for you, you need 10 clay, 100 coins, 100 stones, and five copper bars. In a few days, your silo will be ready. You will save money when you own a silo during winter as you can collect hay yourself. To feed your chickens, take a piece of the hay for each chicken and put it on the feeding bench. You will find this inside the coop. Your chickens will eat the hay themselves. Do this every following day.
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Chickens in a coop in Stardew Valley
A well-maintained coop is important for keeping your chickens happy.
  • Grass
    • Chickens prefer to eat grass more. They will go for grass over hay as long as they are available. To feed your chickens, just plant some grass on your farm and allow it to spread. This will make it sufficient for all your chicken. You can now open the coop door during the day for your chickens to come out and feed on the grass. Your chicken will have a better and happier mood with this than staying inside.
A pile of hay and a patch of grass in Stardew Valley
Feeding your chickens with hay and grass is important for their happiness and egg production.

Tips to Keep Chickens Happy in Stardew Valley

To make your chicken happy always in Stardew Valley, you need to do the following:

  • Regular attention
    • This can be achieved by communicating regularly with your chicken. Always visit them to do this.
  • Care
    • There is no better way to show great care and concern for your chicken that to provide enough hay, grass, and water for them. Make sure they are fed daily.
  • Creating a suitable living environment
    • It is important to upgrade where your chicken stays. If you want to bring them out of their coop to feed on the grass on the farm, ensure the farm is safe from any predators. So, if there are any predators on your farm, eliminate them beforehand.
  • Training chickens to be friendly
    • Chickens will only become friendly to you when you are close to them. To be close to them, you must communicate with them. This will increase their happy mood, leading to quality egg production.
A screenshot of Marnie's Ranch in Stardew Valley
You can buy hay from Marnie’s Ranch for 50 gold.
A screenshot of Robin's Carpenter Shop in Stardew Valley
Building a silo is a great way to store hay for the winter.

Final Thought

The first animal you will take care of as you commence this adventure game is a chicken. Chickens produce eggs which have lots of benefits for Stardew Valley players. They can serve as food, be used to produce mayonnaise or be hatched to produce more chicken. Nevertheless, for your chickens to produce high-quality eggs, you must take good care of them and make them happy. This starts by providing adequate hay, grass, and water for them. Then, show them great care and attention by regularly and daily visiting them by talking to them.

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