Mastering Shop Upgrades in Journey of the Prairie King

Hello, friends! Welcome to the Journey of the Prairie King in Stardew Valley, a game that many of you are surely familiar with. Initially, I wanted to create a comprehensive guide for the entire game, but I soon realized that there’s too much content to cover in one go. So, I decided to split it into several parts. In this article, we will discuss shop upgrades.

Shop upgrades and money play a crucial role in Great Adventure, as the order in which you purchase upgrades can significantly affect the difficulty of completing the game. There are three main stages in the game, with the shop appearing twice in each, allowing for a total of six shopping opportunities. At the beginning, the shop only sells boots, guns, and ammunition, but more items become available later on. However, these later items won’t be necessary for completing the first stage.

Boots increase your movement speed, and you can buy them twice, each time increasing your speed by 25%. The first purchase costs eight gold coins, while the second costs 20. Guns increase your shooting speed and can be upgraded three times, each time increasing your shooting speed by 25%. The cost of upgrading guns is 10, 20, and 30 gold coins respectively. Ammunition increases your bullet damage, with three possible upgrades costing 15, 30, and 45 gold coins each.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s compare these three types of upgrades. Movement speed is the least important, as it doesn’t increase your total damage output. In the later stages of the game, there are many enemies, and simply dodging won’t be enough. Most enemies don’t move very fast, and prioritizing the faster ones will suffice. As long as your firepower is sufficient, you can clear the stage without buying movement speed upgrades, although purchasing one upgrade can make it easier to handle most situations. It’s recommended to buy movement speed upgrades only if you have excess money.

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Comparing gun and ammunition upgrades, each gun upgrade increases shooting speed by 25%. If we consider the initial damage as one, upgrading the gun three times would result in total damages of 1.33, 1.78, and 2.37. This means that each upgrade increases damage by 33%, 44%, and 59%. Ammunition upgrades, on the other hand, increase damage by 100%, 50%, and 33%.

As you can see, the shooting speed upgrade starts with a smaller increase but becomes more significant with each upgrade, whereas the ammunition upgrade has the most significant difference at the first level. If you have enough money, it’s best to upgrade ammunition first, as it can double your damage output, while upgrading shooting speed only increases damage by 33%.

When deciding between upgrading shooting speed or ammunition, consider the gold coins required and the overall damage output. In general, the more upgrades you purchase, the less necessary it becomes to invest in additional ammunition upgrades, as their relative benefits diminish.

This concludes our brief analysis of shop upgrades in Great Adventure. If you have any questions or disagreements, feel free to leave a comment below.

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