The Many Facets of Coconuts in Stardew Valley: A Comprehensive Guide

Stardew Valley is a game full of surprises and valuable resources, one of which is the humble coconut. While it may not be the most expensive fruit in the game, coconuts have their own unique role to play. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the different aspects of coconuts—from how to acquire them to their multiple uses.

The Economics of Coconuts

Base Selling Price

The basic selling price of a coconut is 100 gold, making it a relatively inexpensive item. In fact, it’s 20 gold cheaper than strawberries.


Unlike many other fruits in the game, you can’t grow coconuts in your farm. However, there are numerous ways to acquire them:

  • Purchase from the Pig Cart: The pig cart sells coconuts occasionally.
  • Desert Foraging: Coconuts can be found in the desert.
  • Oasis Shop: Available on Mondays, the Oasis Shop sells 10 coconuts at 400 gold each. These are always of ordinary quality.

Oasis Shop

Quality and Selling Price

It’s worth noting that coconuts harvested from trees are affected by the Tiller skill, which can raise their selling price to 110 gold, even for normal-quality ones. However, foraged coconuts are not affected by the Tiller skill but can be influenced by the Foraging skill, which can give them higher quality grades.

Acquiring Coconuts

Three Primary Methods

  1. Foraging in the Desert: This is perhaps the most straightforward method.
  2. Buying from the Oasis Shop: This is a bit costly at first, but becomes more manageable as you progress.
  3. Shaking Trees on Ginger Island: Coconuts can be harvested from trees on this island, and you can visually see if a tree bears coconuts.
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Other Methods

  • Sandy’s Gifts: Once your relationship with Sandy is good enough, she might send you coconuts in the mail.
  • Cutting Down Trees: Coconuts can also fall from trees in the desert, although the chances are low. Interestingly, even if you chop down a coconut tree, it can still drop coconuts later.
a player shaking a tree on Ginger Island
a player shaking a tree on Ginger Island

Utilizing Coconuts

Making Wine and Jam

In the past, many players—including myself—thought that coconuts, like crystal fruits, were valuable primarily for brewing into wine or turning into jam. However, these methods are not as profitable as they might seem:

  • Wine: Selling for 420 gold.
  • Jam: Selling for 350 gold.

Other Important Uses

  1. Exotic Foraging Bundle: You can donate coconuts along with cacti to complete this bundle.
  2. Gifts: Coconuts are the favorite gifts of Haley and Linus. They’re particularly easy to obtain for Haley compared to other favorites like Fruit Salad, Pink Cake, and Sunflowers.
  3. Golden Coconuts: These special coconuts can be cracked open to obtain various rare items. You can trade 10 regular coconuts for one Golden Coconut at the island trader.
A character wearing the Golden Helmet in Stardew Valley
The Golden Helmet has a 5% chance of being obtained when opening a Golden Coconut.

Summary and Tips

  • Coconuts are relatively easy to obtain and have a broad range of uses.
  • Foraged coconuts can be of different qualities, and their selling price can be influenced by the Foraging skill but not the Tiller skill.
  • It’s usually more profitable to use coconuts for gifts or to trade them for Golden Coconuts rather than making them into wine or jam.

So there you have it, a complete rundown of the versatile and fascinating role that coconuts play in Stardew Valley. Whether you’re a newbie just starting out or a seasoned farmer looking for tips, coconuts are worth your attention.

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