Stardew Valley Museum Donations: How to Collect Minerals and Artifacts

Hello, friends! In this tutorial, we will discuss museum donations in Stardew Valley. As you may know, there are 95 items to donate, with 102 available slots, leaving seven empty spots. There are 53 minerals and 42 artifacts to collect. Let’s first talk about the rewards for donations and then dive into how to collect these items.

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Donation Rewards

There are 13 types of rewards based on the total number of donations:

  1. 10 donations: Melon Seeds (usually saved for Quests on Ginger Island)
  2. 40 donations: Rarecrow
  3. 60 donations: Sewer Key (the curator will deliver it the following day)
  4. 90 donations: Magical Ice Cream
  5. 95 donations: Stardrop

For minerals:

  1. 50 minerals: Crystalarium (usually obtained in the late game)

For artifacts:

  1. 20 artifacts: Another Rarecrow
  2. 4 Dwarvish Scrolls: Dwarvish Translation Guide (to speak with the Dwarf)
  3. Ancient Seed: Ancient Seed and Ancient Seed Recipe

Other rewards include unique furniture and statues that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Collecting Minerals

There are 53 minerals in total. Four can be found through foraging: Quartz, Earth Crystal, Frozen Tear, and Fire Quartz. Minecarts also drop these minerals. There are eight types of gemstones: Emerald, Aquamarine, Ruby, Amethyst, Topaz, Jade, Diamond, and Prismatic Shard. Additionally, there are 41 other minerals that can be obtained through various means, such as breaking open Geodes.

There are 15 types of minerals that can be found in regular Geodes, 14 in Frozen Geodes, and 12 in Magma Geodes. Omni Geodes can yield all types of minerals, but the probability of obtaining a specific one is lower.

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In the late game, you can quickly obtain Omni Geodes by using the Geologist profession and mining. If you’re missing a specific mineral, you can also try mining at specific mine levels to obtain other types of Geodes.

Collecting Artifacts

There are 42 artifacts in total. Fishing treasure chests and digging up Artifact Spots (worms) can yield artifacts, which can be useful in the early game for unlocking the Sewers. However, in the late game, these methods become less reliable for obtaining specific artifacts.

In fact, it’s possible to obtain all artifacts without fishing or digging up Artifact Spots. Dwarvish Scrolls can be obtained by defeating monsters. The Green and Yellow Strange Dolls can be found using Secret Notes 17 and 18, respectively.

Artifact Troves can yield 24 types of artifacts and can be traded for five Omni Geodes at the Desert Trader. Omni Geodes can be obtained in large quantities through mining. Additionally, seven Ancient Bones and four Fossils can be found in the Bone Node at the Ginger Island Dig Site.

If you’re missing a specific artifact, you can try defeating certain monsters:

  1. Prehistoric Tibia, Prehistoric Rib, Prehistoric Vertebra, and Dinosaur Egg can be dropped by Pepper Rex.
  2. Prehistoric Scapula can be dropped by Skeletons in the mine with the Golden Scythe.
  3. Prehistoric Skull and Skeletal Hand can be dropped by Skeleton Heads.

Collecting all items for the museum can be challenging if you don’t know where to find them. However, once you know their locations, it’s easier than achieving maximum friendship with all characters.

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