Where to Purchasing Hylian Shield After Breaking it In Tears of the Kingdom

In this guide, we will explore how to purchase Hylian Shield in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” after breaking it. This process requires us to complete a series of tasks in the exclusive side quest of Hateno Village, known as the Village Mayor Election.

The Village Mayor Election Side Quest

This side quest is not particularly challenging, but it is somewhat lengthy. Upon completion, you can acquire a special piece of equipment, the “Cece Hat”. More importantly, it unlocks a special store where you can purchase equipment you’ve previously obtained.

If you accidentally sell your equipment, you can buy it back from this store. This includes the initial set of equipment and the Hylian Shield.

Many players have asked how to remove the Hylian Hood. This can also be done by interacting with a specific NPC after completing the quest. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the tutorial.

Step One: Accepting the Quest in Hateno Village

First, head to Hateno Village to accept the quest. The village is located in the southeastern part of the map. Upon arriving, you will see many Mushroom People (people with mushroom hat) at the entrance of Cece’s store. After conversing with these NPCs, you can enter the store.

Inside, you’ll meet the main NPC of this quest, Cece. You’ll discover that all the Mushroom People you’ve encountered on the road are wearing her designs. She believes her unique fashion will lead the village towards new developments. However, in the middle of your conversation, the village Mayor will barge in and argue with her, believing her designs don’t match the original village style.

The two of them argue for their respective positions, ultimately deciding to settle the dispute through a village Mayor election. After watching this scene, you can start the series of tasks in Hateno Village.

Step Two: Understanding the Tasks

To complete the Village Mayor Election quest, there are five side quests to solve.

The order of these five tasks doesn’t matter; you can solve them whenever you want. Once all five are completed, the sixth task, “The Final Battle! Village Mayor Election!” will be triggered. Now, let’s discuss how to solve these five tasks.

Step Three: Introducing the Side Quests

The first side quest is “Team Cece or Team Reede?”. This task involves delivering eight Hylian Shroom to eight specific villagers. Cece hopes that you will deliver the Hylian Shroom to those who support her. These eight individuals can be identified as they are not wearing Mushroom outfits.

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The locations of these eight individuals vary as some NPCs move around. You can refer to the timestamps and coordinates in my screenshots to find them.

Step Four: Completing the Side Quests

The first person is Tamana, who is sweeping at the village entrance. She will give you an egg in return for your conversation. After she accepts the Hylian Shroom, you can move on to the next villager.

The second person is Leop, an elderly man who strolls around the village. His location isn’t fixed, but he’s easy to find within the village. Once you find him, give him a Hylian Shroom to complete this part of the task.

The third person is Worten, the innkeeper. He can be found on the second floor of the inn, standing on the balcony and enjoying the view. After talking to him, you can give him a Hylian Shroom.

The fourth person is Uma, an elderly woman whose locationisn’t fixed and can be a bit challenging to find. She can be found working in the fields near the school in the morning, and she returns home as it approaches evening. You’ll need to time your visit to find her.

The fifth person is Medda, a farmer who can be found in the fields at the back of the village. After finding him, you can give him a Hylian Shroom.

The sixth person is Tokk, an elderly man who tends to chickens on the hillside. He is part of a family that lives on the hillside farm and can be found at the entrance of the research institute at 12:00 noon. At other times, he can be found tending to his chickens on the hill.

The seventh person is Dantz, a member of the hillside farm family who takes care of the cows. He can be found on the farm, and he also has a small task where you can exchange three acorns for a bottle of fresh milk. However, this task isn’t related to the Village Mayor Election quest, so we won’t go into detail here.

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The eighth person is Koyin, the daughter of the hillside farm family. She can be found by the lake near the farm. After talking to her, you can give her a Hylian Shroom. She also has a related side quest, which we will discuss later.

If you can’t find someone or forget who you’ve given a Hylian Shroom to, you can go back to Cece and ask who hasn’t received a Hylian Shroom yet. She will give you a hint. After delivering all the Hylian Shroom, she will give you a Big Hearty Truffle as a thank you gift. Then, we can proceed to the other tasks.

Step Five: Completing the Remaining Side Quests

The second task is “Cece’s Secret”, triggered by her sister, Sophie. She tells you that her sister sneaks out at night and asks you to investigate her secret. After accepting the task, wait until 10 PM, and you’ll see Cece leaving the store. You can wait on the roof of the target house and don’t need to follow her closely. Cece will eventually enter the house across the street. After she enters, use the Ascend ability to get to the wooden board next to the house and eavesdrop on Cece’s secret. After investigating her secret, you can go back to Sophie to report and complete the task. As a reward, you’ll receive ten Ironshroom.

The third task is “Reed’s Secret”, triggered by the village Mayor’s wife, Clavia. She wants you to investigate the village Mayor’s secret. He goes to the warehouse to study something every night, but the warehouse is locked during the day. She hopes you can find out what the village Mayor is doing in the warehouse at night.

To enter the warehouse, first, open the UI and set the task as your destination. This will show the location of the village Mayor’s warehouse on the map. Then, find the well in the village. There are at least two wells you can jump into. After jumping in, you’ll need to fight monsters and make your way to the bottom of the village Mayor’s warehouse. Once there, use the Ascend ability to enter the warehouse and investigate the diary. After investigating the diary, you can go back to the village Mayor’s wife to report and complete the task. As a reward, you’ll receive ten Hyrule Tomatoes.

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The fourth task is “A Letter to Koyin”, triggered by Koyin, one of the NPCs you gave a Hylian Shroom to earlier. After giving her the Hylian Shroom, she will tell you thather great-grandfather’s secret recipe fell into the lake and she can’t retrieve it.

To help her, create a simple wooden bridge into the lake and use the Ultrahand ability to retrieve the bottle from the water. Once you’ve retrieved it, throw it next to Koyin and speak to her to complete the task.

At the end of the task, Koyin will use the message left by her great-grandfather to create a new product, Hateno Cheese. She will also give you a piece of cheese as a thank you gift. Remember not to eat it right away, as it will be used in the next task.

The fifth task is “A New Signature Food”, given by the village Mayor. After completing the fourth task, go to the village Mayor’s house and speak to him. He will tell you that he hopes to find the delicious cheese he ate as a child and use it as a new signature product to revitalize the village. Give him the cheese you received from Koyin, and he will buy it from you for 100 rupees. This concludes the task, which is quite simple.

Once all five tasks are completed, you can trigger the final task, “The Mayoral Election”. Return to the clothing store and speak to Cece’s sister to trigger the task. However, make sure it’s a clear day, as the election cannot take place on a rainy day.

This task is straightforward and involves watching the entire village Mayor election process. Afterward, return to the clothing store and speak to Cece. She will give you her Cece Hat and also open a store where you can buy rare clothes. If you accidentally sell your clothes, you can buy them back from her. This includes the initial equipment and the Hylian Shield.

Finally, if you speak to her while wearing the Hylian Hood, she will help you remove it. This allows you to perfectly replicate Link’s classic look in “Tears of the Kingdom”, which consists of the Hylian Hood, the new Champion’s Leathers, and the Hylian Trousers.

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