stardew valley expanded egg hunt route map 2023

The Stardew Valley Expanded Egg Hunt is a Spring tradition. Lewis will send you an email a day before the festival. The festival begins at 9:00 a.m.; we must arrive before 2:00 p.m. or you will miss it. Because of the significantly changed town layout in expanded, each year’s egg search is slightly different. Every year, … Read more

best 4 stardew valley expanded dialogue mod

Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion and The True Love Valley The Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion is a mod for Stardew Valley that changes the dialogue of NPCs to be more in line with the game’s canon. This means that certain plot points and character relationships will be different than in the vanilla game. Some players may want to … Read more

how to save the highlands dwarf in stardew valley expanded

The Highlands Dwarf is a creature that lives within the Highlands Cavern in the Highlands. The Highlands Dwarf will be confined in a cage after the player reaches the area in the upper right of the cavern (which is normally blocked by a rock.) The Highlands Dwarf will request that the player release it by … Read more

stardew valley expanded can’t leave farm

Some users are reporting an issue with the Stardew Valley Expanded mod where they are unable to leave Grandpa’s Farm. This appears to be an issue with missing files in the mod. Check for missing files and ensure that all files are installed correctly. Delete the “Mods/Stardew Expanded” folder and then re-download and install the … Read more

Where is the Shearwater Bridge (SVE)

Stardew Valley’s Shearwater Bridge is a long stone bridge. It connects the Valley and Grampleton Fields, leading east to Grampleton, west to Pelican Town, and southwest to the Old Community Garden. Victor claims that the bridge was built forty years before the Farmer moved to Stardew Valley. Location of Shearwater Bridge Shearwater Bridge is a … Read more