Beginner’s Guide to Dwarven Scrolls in Stardew Valley

Hello, fellow gamers! In this tutorial, we will discuss Dwarven Scrolls and the Dwarven language in Stardew Valley.

Dwarven Scrolls and the Dwarven Language

There are four Dwarven Scrolls, numbered 1 to 4 and colored red, green, blue, and yellow. Their primary purpose is to be donated to the museum. Once all four scrolls are donated, Gunther will reward you with the Dwarven Translation Guide, a wallet item that allows you to communicate with Dwarves and build up their affection levels.

In the game, there are two Dwarves:

Dwarf at the Mine Entrance

The first Dwarf can be found to the right of the mine entrance, blocked by a large stone. To access him, use a steel pickaxe or higher or a bomb to break the stone. This Dwarf serves as both a shop and an NPC with affection levels. His primary purpose is to sell bombs.

Dwarf at the Volcano’s Fifth Level

The second Dwarf is located on the fifth level of the volcano. He is only a shop and does not have affection levels.

Extra Dwarven Scrolls don’t have many uses, but giving them to the Dwarf and Penny will make them happy. You can also use them to craft Gold-Trimmed T-Shirts in the sewing machine, and sometimes they are required to upgrade Lava Eel and Ghostfish fish ponds.

Obtaining Dwarven Scrolls

Dwarven Scroll 1 (Red)

Monsters on floors 1 to 40 of the mine have a 0.5% chance of dropping Dwarven Scroll 1. Some of these monsters include common bugs, flies, grubs, green slimes, Duggy, and rock crabs.

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Dwarven Scroll 2 (Green)

Dwarven Scroll 2 can be dropped by blue slimes, dust sprites, frost bats, and ghosts. It is relatively easy to find while farming iron on floor 41, where you can also farm coal sprites, blue slimes, and bats.

Dwarven Scroll 3 (Blue)

Blue slimes have a 1.5% chance of dropping Dwarven Scroll 3. While farming gold, you can farm blue slimes on floor 81, and if you still haven’t found it after reaching the goal, you can repeatedly farm the Skull Cavern for better chances.

Dwarven Scroll 4 (Yellow)

Almost all monsters have a 0.1% chance of dropping Dwarven Scroll 4, but the probability is still low compared to the other scrolls. After reaching floor 120 of the mine, all monsters have a 0.5% chance of dropping Prismatic Shards, which makes it easier to find the Yellow Scroll while farming for other resources.

If you’re still missing Dwarven Scrolls, use bombs to blast sandy areas in the mine. For Scrolls 1 and 2, visit floors 11 to 13. For Scroll 4, visit floors 91 to 93. If you’re missing Scroll 3, you will have to kill monsters, but the drop rate improves as you progress further in the game.

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