Discover the Mysteries of Junimo Forest in Stardew Valley Expanded

After restoring the Community Center, head to the Forest Mine, and you will see a teleportation circle in the bottom left corner of the Forest Mine. This teleportation circle is located below the Hat Shop. Walk into the circle to reach the Junimo Woods. Entering the Junimo Woods for the first time will trigger a cutscene.

Image of the teleportation circle in the Junimo Forest
Teleportation circle in the Junimo Forest

The image above shows the entire Junimo Woods. The forest is actually a maze, with hidden paths throughout. The entrance to these hidden paths is usually found between two mushrooms. The red lines in the image mark the locations of the hidden paths, so feel free to save this image for reference.

Image showing the hidden paths in the Junimo Forest
Hidden paths in the Junimo Forest

At the bottom of the Junimo Woods, there is a river where you can fish for the new SVE additions – Meteor Carp and Golden Fish.

Image of the river in the Junimo Forest
River in the Junimo Forest

At this location, there are several Junimo Merchants. The purple Junimo sells rare items such as magical fish bait and fertilizer. After watching the ten-heart event of the new SVE NPC, Apple, you can purchase the Super Starfruit here to give to Apple, which will allow you to become roommates. The orange Junimo sells decorative items, mainly consisting of crops, flowers, and bushes.

Image of the Junimo Merchants
Junimo Merchants

The yellow Junimo sells Ancient Seeds, Rare Seeds, and Wild Seeds for all four seasons. The grey Junimo sells minerals and offers a variety of gems and the rare Prismatic Shards. The red Junimo sells various artifacts, making it easy to complete the museum collection with the help of this merchant.

The blue Junimo sells various rare fish, including the Legendary Fish.

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By the way, if you choose the Joja Mart route, you will not unlock the Junimo Woods.

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