Discovering Stardew Valley Expanded: Forest West & Bear Shop

Hello everyone! In this tutorial, we’ll continue to introduce new locations added in Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE). This time, we’ll be focusing on the Forest West and the Bear Shop.

To reach the Forest West, head to the left of the Hat Shop.

The image below shows the entire Forest West, which is quite large and filled with pine trees.

A bird's eye view of the Western Forest with pine trees
The entire Western Forest is visible in this image.

Here, you can gather plenty of wood, meaning Robin won’t be able to profit from our need for lumber anymore. Now let’s dive into the details of this forest.

Walking towards the top of the Forest West, you’ll find a path that leads to the Secret Woods.

A dirt path leading to the Secret Woods
This path leads to the Secret Woods.

If you go left from here, you’ll arrive at the Aurora Vineyard.

A gate leading to the Aurora Vineyard
The entrance to the Aurora Vineyard.

In this vineyard, you’ll also encounter Apple, a new NPC added in SVE. We’ll cover this vineyard in more detail in a future tutorial.

Heading left from the Aurora Vineyard, you can obtain maple syrup.

For now, there are no bears in this cave.

A cave with maple syrup taps
This cave is where you can obtain maple syrup.

After reading Secret Note #23 and bringing the maple syrup to the Secret Woods, you’ll meet a bear. The bear is surprised that you can understand its speech and asks you to come closer. It’s delighted when you give it the maple syrup.

After this, you become friends with the bear, and it invites you to visit its home near the abandoned vineyard. It has something special it wants to show you. Later, go to the top-left corner of the Forest West, where you’ll find a new Bear Shop.

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Continuing down from the Bear Shop, there’s a river where, after reaching Fishing Level 8, you can catch the new SVE addition, King Salmon, between 6 am and 8 pm during spring and summer.

A river with a fishing spot
You can catch Emperor Salmon in this river.

Heading right along the river, you’ll find three Ancient Swords, and if you keep going up, there’s another one waiting for you.

Three ancient swords in the ground
There are four Ancient Swords to be found in this area.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Forest West and the Bear Shop!

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