How to Get Copper Bars In Stardew Valley: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the items you need in Stardew Valley, especially if you are a beginner, is copper bars. It is an important item for upgrading your tools for farming and mining and for crafting sprinklers or recipes or structures for your farm. So, you need them to enjoy this game. However, how do you get them in this game? In this article, you will find out how to get copper bars, where to find them, and the materials required.

Copper Ore and Coal
Copper Ore and Coal are required for making Copper Bars

How to Get Copper Bars In Stardew Valley

It may be confusing and difficult at the beginning to look for copper bars in the Stardew game by hitting the stones in your farm with your pickaxe. This is because these stones do not drop copper bars even after hitting them. Apart from buying them from the Blacksmith in Pelican Town, the best way is searching for copper in the mines. From the copper found, you can obtain or make copper bars from it.

Materials for making copper bars in Stardew Valley

As earlier stated, you can make copper bars from copper ore but there are materials you must get and a recipe to follow. Without these materials, it would be difficult to obtain copper bars.

Some of the materials required for making copper bars include:
* 1 coal for the fire
* 5 copper ore
* A furnace at your farm

Copper Bar
Copper Bars are essential for upgrading tools and crafting items

Recipe for making copper bar

Now that you have these materials, you can start making copper bars by following the recipe below:
* When you have accessed the mine, wait until the fifth day.
* Enter the mine and pick the starter sword. You will find this sword from the Guild’s head. Use it and search the mines for copper veins
* Make a furnace with 25 stones and 20 copper.

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The Furnace is required for smelting Copper Ore into Copper Bars
  • Have at least five copper and one coal in your inventory.
  • While holding the copper ore, click on the furnace. This will turn the 5 copper into a copper bar.

Locations where copper ore and coal can be found

There are different locations where you can find copper ore and coal which you use in making a copper bar. Some of the locations are:
* The mines – by tilling soil in the mines. You can find it on barrels, random dungeon floors, and breakable crates in the mines. Copper ores can also be dropped by metal heads on the floors of the mines.
* Skull Cavern – Copper ore can be located on every floor of the Skull Cavern.
* 4 Types of Geodes
* By digging up an artifact spot at the mountains, Bus Stop, Pelican Town, Cindersap Forest, Backwoods, and Railroad.
* At the Blacksmith – you can buy copper ore and coal here.
* Stonefish pond – 5 copper ore can be produced here when the population reaches 3.
* Traveling cart – it is sold for 100 – 1000g.

Alternative ways of finding copper bars

Apart from buying copper bars directly from the blacksmith and smelting it from copper ore, other alternative methods of obtaining copper bars include:
* By defeating Shadow Shamans or monsters
* By defeating shadow Brutes

Tips and Strategies for Efficiently Collecting Materials and Making Copper Bar

The strategies and tips involved in collecting materials needed for making copper bars start from knowing where to locate copper ore. As earlier listed, you can get copper ore from the mine and then other locations. When you are done collecting from your preferred way, the next thing to do is to make a furnace.

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Making a furnace requires 20 pieces of the copper ore you have collected and 25 stones. Once you have both in your inventory, just go to the item in the game’s crafting menu and click on it once. When you do this, you will make a furnace. When you are done with this, hold your copper ore and click the furnace, the copper ore will turn into a copper bar. You can now use it to upgrade your items and craft items for your farm and other purposes. Crafted and upgraded items optimized your gameplay as you now have items to use in your farm, mine, and other activities.
It is important you get these materials first before making a furnace so you would not have to waste your resources. So, take your time and get them or make money that you will use to buy them.

Copper Pickaxe
Upgraded tools like the Copper Pickaxe allow for deeper mining
Copper Watering Can
The Copper Watering Can allows for more efficient watering of crops

The Uses of Copper Bars in Stardew Valley

Copper Bars have different uses in Stardew Valley. Some of the uses are:
* Tool upgrades
Some of the tools upgrades you can do at the Blacksmith store include a copper pickaxe, copper watering can, copper hoe, and copper trash can. By upgrading your tools to copper variants, you can easily break deeper rocks within the mine.
* Items crafting
You need copper bars for crafting some items that enable you to improve your farm. With copper bars, you can also find ways of crafting new resources in Stardew Valley. By crafting copper bars, you can get items such as a charcoal kiln, keg, trap bobber, tapper, crab pot, cheese press, transmuting (iron bar), etc.

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Charcoal Kiln
Crafting items like the Charcoal Kiln can improve your farm

These upgrades equipment and items crafting improves your gameplay in farming, mining, and fighting against monsters. Coupled with its durability, you will not often have to spend money in getting some of these items.

Final thoughts

The importance of copper bars for beginners in this game can’t be overemphasized. The copper bar allows you to craft the items you need for your farm. You can get copper bars from smelting coppers which you can find in the mine, defeat monsters, or buy from the blacksmith. Whatever alternative methods you choose in getting the copper bar in Stardew Valley, it is worth it because it helps you in upgrading items and crafting items for mining, farming, and more.

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