Stardew Valley Bubbles In Water: Tips And Tricks for Improved Fishing Success

Fishing is one of the many activities you will do in Stardew Valley. Through fishing, you can get different items apart from fish that will be beneficial for you in this game. So, knowing how to fish or having fishing skills is very important. When you advance your fishing skill, you can get more money by completing bundles, catching and selling items in water sources, and obtaining artifacts that can be donated to the museum. While fishing, you might experience the appearance of bubbles in the water. These bubbles in water have importance when it comes to fishing. We will be looking at that and other fishing tips that can improve your fishing experience in Stardew Valley.

Blue bubbles appearing in the water in Stardew Valley
When bubbles occur in the water, you can catch some Legendary Fish.

What are Bubbles in Water?

As you go about your normal activities in the valley, a pool of bubbles may appear in the water. When you cast into these bubbles, blue sparkles will appear. This shows that you landed your cast into the bubbles successfully. As stated in the introduction, bubbles have benefits that you should know, especially, if you are new to the game. The benefits of bubbles in water are:

  • Fish in the water bites four times faster – this means that you have more opportunity to catch fish as they will likely bite on the bait in your fishing rod.
  • The effective Fishing Zone will increase by one as you determine the fish your fishing rod caught or hooked. This means that the percentage of catching trash will be greatly reduced and almost impossible to catch.
  • When bubbles occur in the water, you can catch some Legendary Fish.
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It is however important to know that bubbles in water do not affect the quality and size of fish. Also, there are certain bubble spots that you can’t reach with your fishing rod. So, always have your fishing rod upgraded and advance your fishing skill. With advanced fishing skills, an upgraded fishing rod, and bubbles, you will certainly have improved fishing success.

How to Improve your Fishing Skill

Learning how to fish in Stardew Valley can be difficult. It is more difficult for new Stardew Valley players who are yet to practice or improve their fishing skills. Without fishing skills, not only will you make many fishing mistakes, but you will also get frustrated trying to catch even the easiest fish. Nevertheless, you have nothing to worry about as we will share great tips that will turn you into an experienced and seasoned fisherman.

Some of the tips to improve your fishing and avoid fishing mistakes are:
* Make use of a crab pot
Once you get to level three of fishing, you can access crab pots in the crafting menu. Place these crab pots anywhere in the water. By the next day, they will yield resources. You can turn bug meat to bait and place them inside the crab pots. When these crab pots are harvested, thru will count towards your fishing skill even if the pot caught only trash. Every harvested crab pot gives five fishing experience points. This fishing tip to improve your fishing skill does not need much energy but helps you make money as you improve your skill.

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A crab pot in the water in Stardew Valley
Once you get to level three of fishing, you can access crab pots in the crafting menu.
  • Watch out for bubbles
    Bubbles will sometimes appear in the water. These bubbles mean that the fishing spot has lots of fish. Cast your bobber straight to this bubbling spot. More fish will even rush to this spot. Another trick to improve fishing success is to cast your bobber into darker areas in the water. Dark areas are deeper areas and they have more fish.
  • Early game spot
    You won’t have any fishing skills once you start the game. To get started, visit the river that runs via the ocean and Pelican Town. These two fishing spots are easiest for newbies to catch fish such as Sunfish, Sardine, Anchovy, Bass, and Smallmouth. You can catch them with an easy predictable movement. Through this, you will increase the level of your fishing skill. Of course, you can sell them at Willy’s shop to make money.
  • Level Up
    It is almost inevitable not to get discouraged when you start fishing in Stardew Valley. So, you have to know this on time and don’t give up. To improve your fishing skill, you must fish more. When you level up, tracking fish becomes easier. To level up faster, start placing crab pots in the water when you gain access to the Hidden Forest and a small pond in the forest. These activities add up your fishing skill.
  • Learn the behavior of fish
    This is an important tip that will not only improve fishing success but will help you avoid some common fishing mistakes. Every fish is unique in Stardew Valley. So, the behavior of one fish won’t be the same as that of another fish. You can know the movement of the fish you want to catch by checking the mini-game bar.
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While some fish in Stardew Valley move slowly, others move up and down fast to maintain a certain position. Other fish are both fast and slow and this can even make you more confused as you try to catch them. So, take your time and understand their behavior, then head to the river with your fishing rod and bait.

Final Thought

Fishing is one activity in Stardew Valley that you may not avoid. There are various benefits of fishing since water is a source of different useful resources. It is not easy to fish when you don’t have the skill and upgraded fishing rod. From what you have already read, you can advance your fishing skills and still wait for the beneficial Stardew Valley bubbles which appear in the water sometimes. As earlier stated, stardew valley bubbles have benefits that give you a greater opportunity to catch fish.

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