Stardew Valley Expanded Fish Collection

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Stardew Valley Expanded Fish Collection page1

num fish
1 pufferfish
2 anchovy
3 tuna
4 sardine
5 bream
6 largemouth bass
7 smallmouth bass
8 rainbow trout
9 salmon
10 walleye
11 perch
12 carp
13 catfish
14 pike
15 sunfish
16 red mullet
17 herring
18 eel
19 octopus
20 red snapper
21 squid
22 seaweed
23 green algae
24 sea cucumber
25 super cucumber
26 ghostfish
27 white algae
28 stonefish
29 crimson fish
30 angler
31 ice pip
32 lava eel
33 legend
34 sandfish
35 scorpion carp
36 flounder
37 midnight carp
38 mutant carp
39 sturgeon
40 tiger trout
41 bullhead
42 tilapia
43 chub
44 dorado
45 albacore
46 shad
47 lingcod
48 halibut
49 lobster
50 crayfish
51 crab
52 cockle
53 mussel
54 shrimp
55 snail
56 periwinkle
57 oyster
58 woodskip
59 glacierfish
60 void salmon
61 slimejack
62 midnight squid
63 spook fish
64 blobfish
65 stingray
66 lionfish
67 blue discus
68 baby lunaloo
69 bonefish
70 bull trout

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Stardew Valley Expanded Fish Collection page2

num fish
1 butterfish
2 clownfish
3 daggerfish
4 dulse seaweed
5 frog
6 gemfish
7 goldfish
8 grass carp
9 king salmon
10 kittyfish
11 lunaloo
12 meteor carp
13 minnow
14 puppyfish
15 radioactive bass
16 sea sponge
17 seahorse
18 shiny lunaloo
19 snatcher worm
20 starfish
21 torpedo trout
22 undeadfish
23 void eel
24 water grub


Ah, fishing. Loved by many and hated by many players in Stardew Community. It’s tricky until the player gets used to the whole mechanic of catching the fish. If you are a full-on completionist and fishing enthusiast (in Stardew at least) you will learn where and when to catch each fish so you can at last complete the Fish collection. As the title suggests, I will also include Stardew Expanded fish, so if you had trouble finding that information ( like me some time ago) this article is going to make up for it.

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But first I want to tell you about tackles, as they will definitely be your friend when it comes to catching legendary and other rare fish. Also, once you obtain recipes for tackles, be sure to always craft them as it can save you a lot of money.

The best tackles are:

  1. Trap – This tackle is good only for the easier type of fish because it can mess up your fishing process for rarer fish, especially for Legendary ones.
  2. Spinner – Increases fish bite rate and combined with bait it can do wonders.
  3. Cork – Makes your fish bar bigger. However, the fish bar will increase with the fishing level so it’s better to equip one of the above if you already have high level fishing.

Other tackles are not so good and you can completely ignore them. But if you fancy some of them, feel free to use them.

Where and When to Find Each Fish in Stardew Valley

Now is a time for a list that will help you greatly in your journey, as it will contain crucial information about every fish in the game.

All Seasons Fish

Name Location Time Weather
Bream TownForest River 6pm-2am Any
Largemouth Bass Mountain Lake 6am-7pm Any
Carp Mountain LakeSecret WoodsSewers Anytime Any
Ghostfish Mines (20,60)Ghost Drops Anytime Any
Stonefish Mines (20) Anytime Any
Ice Pip Mines (60) Anytime Any
Lava Eel Mines (100)Volcano Caldera Anytime Any
Sandfish The Desert 6am-8pm Any
Scorpion Carp The Desert 6am-8pm Any
Bullhead Mountain Lake Anytime Any
Chub Forest RiverMountain Lake Anytime Any
Woodskip Secret WoodsForest Farm Anytime Any
Void Salmon Witch’s Swamp Anytime Any
Slimejack Mutant Bug Lair Anytime Any
Stingray Pirate Cove (Ginger Island) Anytime Any
Lionfish Ginger Island Ocean Anytime Any
Blue Discus Ginger Island Pond and Rivers Anytime Any
Baby Lunaloo Ginger Island 5pm-2am Any
Bonefish Crimson Badlands Anytime Any
Clownfish Ginger Island 10am-5pm Any
Daggerfish Highland Ruins Anytime Any
Gemfish Highland Cavern Anytime Any
Goldenfish Sprite SpringJunimo Woods Anytime Any
Lunaloo Ginger Island 5pm-2am Any
Meteor Carp Sprite SpringJunimo Woods Anytime Any
Minnow FarmTownForestMountainBlue Moon VineyardShearwater BridgeAdventurer Summit 6am-6pm Sunny
Radioactive Bass Sewers Anytime Any
Starfish BeachGinger Island 6am-10pm Any
Razor Trout Town Anytime Any
Seahorse Ginger Island 8am-5pm Any
Sea Sponge Ginger Island 6am-2pm Any
Shiny Lunaloo Ginger Island 5pm-2am Any
Snatcher Worm Mutant Bug Lair Anytime Any
Torpedo Trout Fable Reef Anytime Any
Undeadfish Crimson Badlands Anytime Any
Void Eel Witch’s Swamp Anytime Any
Water Grub Mutant Bug Lair Anytime Any
Legend II Same as Legend Anytime Any
Ms. Angler Same as Angler Anytime Any
Mutant Carp (Legendary) The Sewers Anytime Any
Radioactive Carp Same as Mutant Carp Anytime Any
Son of Crimsonfish Same as Crimsonfish Anytime Any
Glacierfish Jr. South End of Island in Forest Anytime Any
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Spring Fish

Also from now on I gonna include a row called “Other Seasons” as some fish appear in the future ones, and they gonna be excluded from that specific part.

Note: You can easily navigate with Ctrl + F and search for what you need.

Name Location Time Weather Other Seasons
Anchovy Ocean Anytime Any Fall
Smallmouth Bass River (Town)Forest Pond Anytime Any Fall
Eel Ocean 4pm-2am Rain Fall
Catfish River (Town and Forest)Secret WoodsWitches Swamp 6am-12am Rain FallSummer in Secret Woods Pond
Sardine Ocean 6am-7pm Any FallWinter
Sunnyfish River (Town and Forest) 6am-7pm Sunny Summer
Flounder OceanGinger Island Ocean 6am-8pm Any SummerAll Seasons on Ginger Island
Shad River (Town and Forest) 9am-2am Rain SummerFall
Halibut Ocean 6am-11am7pm-2am Any SummerWinter
Herring Ocean Anytime Any Winter
Legend Mountain Spring Near Log Anytime Rain
Butterfish Forest WestShearwater Bridge 6am-2pm Sunny SummerFall
Frog Mountain 6pm-2am Rain Summer
Grass Carp Secret Wood Anytime Any Summer
King Salmon Forest West 6am-8pm Any Summer
Puppyfish Forest WestShearwater Bridge Anytime Any SummerFall

Summer Fish

Name Location Time Weather Other Seasons
Dorado Forest River Anytime Any
Octopus Ocean 6am-1pm Any
Pike Town/Forest RiverForest Pond Anytime Any Winter
Pufferfish Ocean 12pm-4pm Sunny
Rainbow Trout Town/Forest RiverMountain Lake 6am-7pm Sunny
Red Mullet Ocean 6am-7pm Any Winter
Red Snapper Ocean 6am-7pm Rain FallWinter with Rain Totem
Sturgeon Mountain Lake 6am-7pm Any Winter
Super Cucumber OceanGinger Island Ocean 6pm-2am Any Fall
Tilapia OceanGinger Island Rivers 6am-2pm Any Fall
Tuna Ocean 6am-7pm Any Winter
Crimsonfish (Legendary) East Pier on the Beach Anytime Any

Fall Fish

Name Location Time Weather Other Seasons
Albacore Ocean 6am-11am Any Winter
Midnight Carp Mountain LakeForest PondGinger Island Pond/River 10pm-2am Any Winter
Salmon Town/Forest River 6am-7pm Any
Sea Cucumber Ocean 6am-7pm Any Winter
Tiger Trout Town/Forest River 6am-7pm Any Winter
Walleye Town/Forest RiverForest PondMountain Lake 6am-7pm Rain Winter with Rain Totem
Angler (Legendary) North of JojaMart on the wooden plank bridge. Any Any
Bull Trout Forest WestThe Mountain LakeAdventurer SummitHighlands Any Any Winter
Kittyfish Shearwater Bridge 6am-2pm Any Winter
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Winter Fish

Name Location Time Weather
Blobfish Nightmarket Submarine Anytime Any
Lingcod Town/Forest RiverMountain Lake Anytime Any
Midnight Squid Nightmarket Submarine Anytime Any
Perch Town/Forest RiverMountain LakeForest Pond Anytime Any
Spook Fish Nightmarket Submarine Anytime Any
Squid Ocean 6pm-2am Any
Glacierfish(Legendary) South End of Island in Forest Anytime Any


Now you are ready to get out there and obtain every fish in the game. Be persistent and don’t give up. This article will always be here for you to help you out on your collection journey.

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