The Ultimate Guide To Flooring In Stardew Valley

One of the cool features of Stardew Valley is the ability of the players to fully customize and decorate the farmhouse they live in. You can change or decorate not only the wallpaper but the floor of your house. Decorating with the flooring will leave your house with an attractive look. The floorings do not stack. Once purchased can cover the entire room where you place them. Stardew Valley flooring is an item made available for sale at JojaMart for 250 gold, and for 100 gold at Pierre’s General Store. Each day in Stardew Valley, new flooring is sold. In this guide, we will look at the different flooring types and ways of obtaining flooring in Stardew Valley.

Types of Flooring in Stardew Valley

All the floors in Stardew Valley have one common similarity. They are all crafted. The flooring types in this game are:

  • The Wood Floor
    The Wood Floor in Stardew Valley
    The Wood Floor can be used to decorate paths on your farm.

    This is a decorative crafted item you can use to decorate the paths on your farm. The Wood Floor can be displaced by lighting. The Wood Floor recipe is by Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop for 100 gold.

  • The Straw Floor

    Just like the Wood floor, this decorative item can be crafted and displaced by lighting. It can be used for creating decorative paths on your farm. Robin, the carpenter, sells the Straw Floor recipe at her shop for 200 gold.

  • The Stone Floor
The Stone Floor in Stardew Valley
The Stone Floor is obtained through crafting and can be used to create decorative pathways.

This stone is obtained through crafting. Just like the other explained aforementioned floors, this floor is displaced by lighting and used for creating decorative pathways on your farm. You can buy it at the Carpenter’s shop from Robin for 100 gold.

  • The Brick Floor
The Brick Floor in Stardew Valley
The Brick Floor is made with 5 stones and clay and can be built by Robin for 500 gold.

The Brick Floor is obtained through crafting. This décor item creates decorative paths on your farm and is displaced by lightning. You need 5 stones and clay in addition to 500 gold for Robin, the Carpenter to build the Brick Floor for you.

  • The Weathered Floor
The Weathered Floor in Stardew Valley
The Weathered Floor can be purchased from the Dwarf for 500 gold.

Unlike other floor types in Stardew Valley, you can purchase the Weathered Floor recipe from Dwarf for 500 gold. However, like other floor types, it is crafted and used for creating decorative pathways.

  • The Rustic Plank Floor
The Rustic Plank Floor in Stardew Valley
The Rustic Plank Floor is made with wood and can be purchased from Robin for 200 gold.

It is obtained from crafting but made with wood. This floor is displaced by lighting, used for creating beautiful and decorative paths on your farm and sold by Robin at her shop for 200 gold.

  • The Stone Walkway Floor
The Stone Walkway Floor in Stardew Valley
The Stone Walkway Floor can be used to create stunning paths on your farm and is available for purchase from Robin.

You can use this floor to create stunning paths on your farm. It is obtained through crafting and made available for purchase by Robin for 200 gold.

Obtaining Flooring in Stardew Valley

There are different ways to obtain flooring in Stardew Valley. Some of the ways include:

  • Purchasing flooring
    You can obtain flooring in Stardew Valley by purchasing it from in-game vendors. Floorings are sold for 100 gold at Pierre’s General Store. It is also available for purchase at JogaMart for 250 gold. You can buy flooring every day as a new one is made available for sale each day. Flooring that is sold at JogaMart is made available for sale the next day at Pierre’s General Store. You can also buy flooring from a Catalogue in Stardew Valley.
  • Crafting flooring
    Most floor types such as the Brick Floor, the Stone floor, the Straw floor, the Wood floor, and others can be obtained through crafting. Once you provide the requirements, that is, getting the ingredients such as clay, wood, and stone, depending on the floor type, all you have to do is to visit Robin, the Carpenter o craft or build for you.

Tips for obtaining Flooring

You can obtain flooring by buying or crafting. The tip for obtaining any floor type, even the rare ones, is to earn enough money before going to Pierre’s General Store or JogaMart. Another tip is to get the ingredients used for making flooring recipes ahead of time before visiting the Carpenter. This will save you a lot of time. So, find where you can get ingredients such as clay, stones, and wood, visit the locations, and start gathering them. If it means mining, fishing, or doing any other activities for the ingredients to drop, do it.

Decorating with Flooring in Stardew Valley

As explained above, some of the crafted floor types are used for creating pathways on your farm. To bring more beauty to your home, you can use different floor types for your room and another for your sitting room and kitchen. This will not only divide the rooms but will add visual interest to your farmhouse.

Final Thought

Apart from the common farming, fishing, and mining activities you do in Stardew Valley, there are other extraordinary things this game allows you to do. One of them is customizing your home the way you want. In Stardew Valley, players can decorate their houses with any type of flooring and wallpaper. Floorings have different benefits. They give you a personalized or customized appearance and add beauty to your home. There are lots of floor types in Stardew Valley that you can choose from. We have the Brick Floor, the Crystal Floor, the Stone Floor, the Wood Floor, the Rustic Plank Floor, the Weathered Floor, and others. You can buy any flooring of your choice at JogaMart or Pierre’s General Store or choose to craft them at the Carpenter’s store by providing all that Robin requires. To facilitate obtaining floorings of any kind faster, earn enough money, know the location of Robin’s store, JogaMart, and Pierre’s General Store, and get the requirements needed. To earn money, you can fish, farm, mine, and sell some of your items.

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